The Aggressive Advertiser!

From the desk of: John Arrington
Saturday 7:52 am

The internet is making people like you and I very rich. Home Based Businesses are popping up everywhere. And those of us who are smart enough to jump aboard have a very good chance to become very wealthy in a short period of time.

But, I also hear stories about home based businesses never getting off the ground. But I’m hear to tell you, when I began my internet career, I had problems also. Nothing I did seemed to work. I made a little bit of money. But not enough to pay for all my time I put into it and the cost of my advertising. I was sinking fast. I was losing a lot of money and my wife was gripping at me saying I was wasting my time and money.. I always had an excuse. I always blamed it on the program I was promoting. But back then I was just starting out and I didn’t know that I was the cause of my internet business not becoming successful.

Oh yea, we all are very good at pointing our fingers at anything else but ourselves when we fail. I’ve been in the marketing business sense 1995. And over the years I have learned a lot. And I can say this with confidence, there is a lot of money to be made online from your very own home based business. BUT HOW?

I’m about to tell you how.. But before I cover that issue let me cover some other very important issues..
1. You need a website. (If you don’t have one, I will show you how to get one very easy)
2. You need a product to sell. (I will show you how to get them also)
3. You need a sales letter and ads. ( And I will also show you where to get all this Pre Written)
4. You need Traffic to your website and lots and lots of traffic. ( Yes and I will show you where and how to get tons and tons of traffic to your website)

The 4 steps mentioned above is how the big guys are making their fortune, now you will get in on the action too.. It’s very simple if you know how.. And I’m going to show you how. It’s all right here in this article.. Make sure you save this article or print it out because you will always need it to refresh your memory every once and awhile..

The information you are about to learn in this FREE article will make you very successful in a short period of time, only if you stay focused on what I’m about to tell you.. But I or no one else can do it for you.. You are responsible for your own success.. There are companies right now paying $1000’s of dollars for this information. And you’re about to receive it absolutely FREE.

My pleasure in life comes from helping as many people as I can to become successful with their home based business.. So if you don’t become successful with this information I’m about to share with you in this article. Then I would have to say you are in the wrong business. I’m telling you everything you will ever need to make a fortune on the internet is all right here and it’s FREE.

Ok let’s get started!

How to make a fortune with your very own Home Based Internet Business?

The secret is very simple: Aggressive Advertising! That’s it! Now you know my own secret to my successful home business. That is how the big internet guru’s are doing it. And how people like you and I are making anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per year.. And so can you. And all this is being done online from the comfort of our homes. Will you become the next success story? Why Not? It’s very simple..

First: here is a to do list, to help get your home based business off the ground and bring in a positive cash flow year after year in the shortest period of time.
1. Spend only 5% of your time with your website.
2. Spend another 5% of your time with the product(s) you are going to be offering on your website.
3. Spend the other 90% of your time Advertising..

I will almost bet anyone, that is if I was a gambling type of man, and I’m not. The reason someone is not making a serious income from their home based business. That it’s not their website or their product. I would bet it all boils down to their weak advertising efforts.. Yes, it’s true they are not advertising aggressively, Period! I Guarantee!!!

Most people want a quick fix to riches. They want to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur by doing as little as possible. We’ve all have heard of those get rich scams.. Telling us that we can become rich by just getting up out of bed in the mornings, or we can get rich no effort on our part. Bull I can see right through this lie and I hope you can too..

I’ve got some news for anyone who wants to become rich from their home based business. And that is if you don’t become an aggressive advertiser your business is doomed… Mark my words, you might as well go back to your full time 9-5 slave factory job. Because your home based business will never get off the ground. It’s dead! Aggressive advertising is the life line to your home based business. Even at our 9-5 jobs we have to work, so it is with a successful online business. You have to work at advertising 90% of the time placing ads everywhere. Free and paid ads.

Say times are tough and you are strapped, and don’t have a lot of cash on hand.. Than start placing Free ads on the Internet. Believe me there is no excuse for not placing ads. It’s all about how determined you are to become wealthy from working from the comfort of your home. And letting other people fight with the traffic getting to their dead end 9-5 jobs. Because you are no longer a wage slave or a slave to the time clock. You are the boss, you work when you want, you are calling the shots. And the only orders you take are from your customers ordering another program or product from you.. I know this feeling and it feels good. I’m living today, what people are dreaming about now. I’m a free man. I work less and make more money from my home based business, than I made working hard at my old 9-5 job..

Did you hear that? I’m working less and making more money…
Or keep working hard and make less money, 9-5 job wage slave…

So get serious TODAY and start becoming an Aggressive Advertiser. And reap the profits from your efforts.. I DO EVERYDAY.. If you do what I’m telling right now, in time you will reap the rewards. At first the money will start trickling in, than it starts flowing in, than here comes the flood of cash, huge amounts of cash that continues until you pull the plug. Your in total control..

All you Have To Do Is Become An Aggressive Advertiser – That’s It!!!

It takes a lot of time and patience to get your home based business up and running full force. But I can tell you from my experience it will happen as long as you don’t give up and quit.. It starts out small and then it gets huge. Like the snow ball effect. Just stay focused and continue advertising everywhere. Only you are in control of your future.. You have to make it happen.

I once knew a guy who started a home based business on a shoe string budget.. I mean he had very little money to spend on anything. The bills was eating him up. But he stayed focused no matter who made fun of him telling him he was wasting his time and money. He is now a very successful Internet Entrepreneur… How Did He Do It? Now remember he had no extra money.. What he did was start placing Free Ads until he made a little money from his effort.. Than he reinvested ½ of it back into his home business and paid for a few ads to be placed. Then when the money was gone he started placing Free ads again.. He did this on a continual basis. His moto is: “Failure is not an option” And the guy I’m talking about is me.. That’s right. That is how I became a success story. And yes, That is the moto I live by to this day. “Failure Is Not An Option..”

So if you want to become successful, than start right this minute and become an
Aggressive Advertiser.

All you have to do is get tons and tons of links all pointing back to your website. And how this is done by placing you ads everywhere.

If I was to give you a Million dollar website. And give you a Free Million Dollar product that was guaranteed to make you 1 Million Dollars.. You would have the keys to you success.. But if you don’t advertise them they would not be worth a penny. That’s right ZERO.. So, I hope you can see how very important advertising is.

So there you have it.. It’s all right here. This is the way the big guys are making their fortune.. You need to advertise what ever you’re selling.. Advertising is the formula to Success and riches.

I hope this article has been helpful.

To your success,
John Arrington

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