The Advantages of Strength Training without Equipment

The obvious benefit of strength training without equipment is that you don’t have the burden of heavy and expensive machinery in your home or in your tote bag. But what many people don’t know is that there are many other advantages to exercising without equipment – especially when it comes to strength training. Your fitness and your health just don’t need anything but a few simple moves to create a whole new body. Here are the benefits of strength training without equipment that might not know.

Not having to pay for expensive gym equipment or a gym membership is certainly an argument for strength training without equipment. Many gyms can cost hundreds of dollars a year, be difficult to use when their busy, and have outdated gym equipment. The hassle of working out outside of the home is just becoming too much. By learning strength training without the weights or the dumbbells, you can free yourself of this inconvenience fitness facility and start actually working out instead of getting worked up whenever you have to go to the gym.

Another advantage of strength training without equipment is that you can actually move your body more than you can with equipment. The key is that you’re going to be using your own body weight to add resistance to each movement, but at the same time, you don’t have to stop when the machine stops. For example, you can hold light weights in your hands and do shoulder rotations without having to stop to adjust the machine for working out each half of the shoulder. This larger range of motion provides all of the muscles in your body with the ability to get something from a workout – rather than limiting your results by the machinery that is available.

Yet another plus for strength training without equipment is that you can workout anywhere, at any time. Many strength training exercises can be done when you’re simply standing around or at your office desk. For example, you can place your palms on the desk edge in front of you and push your body forwards and backwards. That will help to build your upper body without any change of clothes or heavy weights. You can do a wall sit at home and get all of the same benefits as a squat press machine. Simply sit with your back against the wall and lower your body down until your leg creates a right angle. Hold for as long as you can.

In the end, strength training without equipment is the best way to create a workout that doesn’t involve all of the petty details that have come with modern day exercise. Exercise should be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be a pain.