The Advantages of Cat Food Prepared at Home

Every cat owner knows that it is their responsibility to give their cat the right nutrition for them to grow fit and healthy. A well balanced cat diet contains all the necessary nutrients such as carbohydrates, fat, and protein. You can check out the pet food section of your local grocery for the different types of cat food commercially available to the public. Cat food comes in different forms: in cans, dried or dehydrated, and semi-moist.

Another option to consider is making your own cat food. How hard can it be? The preparation of cat food at home may consume a lot of time and be quite difficult to have all the ingredients needed to have a complete meal and complete set of nutrients. There are several cat food recipes available in the Internet which you can easily download. If you are quite adept in cooking, you may try your hand in making it.

Some cat owners prefer making their own cat food to be able to ensure its safety and nutritional value, especially in the light of information that several brands of cat food are being recalled due to the presence of harmful chemicals and harmful bacteria. These substances may make your cats sick and may even lead to its death.

Another advantage of preparing your own cat food is that it costs less expensive that the commercially available ones. Just make sure that you do not sacrifice the nutritional content of the cat food you prepare just for the sake of saving money. Additional research may be needed to find the exact amount of nutrient needed by your cat according to age and size. Also take note that the dietary requirements of a kitten differs greatly from what a full-grown cat needs. Be knowledgeable enough on what ingredients can cause adverse effects on the health of your cat.

Some ingredients that are harmless to humans may be harmful to your cats such as certain root crops like onion and garlic. They contain substances that may harm the cells of the blood of cats. So always be sure that the ingredients of your homemade cat food will not harm your cat.

If your cat was initially introduced to commercially prepared cat food, there might be some resistance when you try to shift to homemade cat food especially if they are quite picky eaters. A lot of patience and time may be needed to get them to try out the food you prepared and have them constantly eat it. Do not get disheartened if your cat doesn’t want to eat the food you prepared for him. It is not your cooking. It is more of them being wary of new things, especially new food. Try to observe the response of your cat to the food, if it is with enthusiasm or with indifference. An effective trick may be to mix the new food with their old food to introduce the new taste to your cat. Once they get to know the taste, they will in time eat the food you prepared for them.

A drawback with home prepared cat food is the complicatedness of its preparation as well as the time needed to prepare it. To reduce these hassles, you can make a month’s supply of cat food and get portions from it for your cat’s daily intake.

Data is also found on which supplements may be mixed with your recipe to make sure that the meal you prepare contains the right proportion of nutrients. It may be easier to just get a commercially prepared cat food but its reliability may be in question since some may have components that may cause an allergic reaction to occur on your cat.

Preparing your own cat food will not only save you money but will ensure the safety of your cat. You can ask your veterinarian or go online for recipes and other information on a well balanced meal for you cat.