The Advantages Of A Digital Light Projector

Are you looking for an image projecting solution for your home or business? Digital DLP projectors employ an image-screening method that is rapidly gaining popularity and is becoming renowned for its quality and reliability.

Looking to create the ultimate home entertainment system? Invest in a digital DLP projector to screen all your movies at home, in state-of-the-art surroundings.

Regularly give presentations, or running a business or organisation that requires the frequent use of high quality projection equipment for conference or training events? Digital DLP projectors are lightweight and operate at low noise levels and are currently placed at the very forefront of image projecting technology.

Digital DLP projectors use a relatively new image projection technique, known as Digital Light Processing (DLP) that has been in existence for about 20 years.

The new image projection technique was invented in 1987 by a technical specialist called Dr. Larry Hornbeck, who was then working for Texas Instruments.

DLP is another way of projecting digital images onto a screen and, since the invention of the technique in 1987, a great deal of work has gone into preparing the process for release into the commercial market, where it is now beginning to compete against other 21st century image display techniques, like LCD, plasma screens and high definition television.

DLP works by projecting an image through a complex matrix of a large number of tiny mirrors. The number of mirrors that your particular digital light projector contains will dictate the resolution quality of the image that is projected.

As DLP technology has improved, smaller, mass-market digital light projectors are becoming available for use in the office or home. These high-quality image projection devices make excellent additions to a home entertainment system and are handy tools for presentations and corporate screenings, as well as being a great additional piece of equipment for any educational establishment.

DLP technology works as both front and rear-projected, so digital light projectors are available as stand-alone units and also as box units that are fitted with a rear projector and include a screen within the box ‘ making it one handy image-screening unit.

The advantages of a digital light projector are manifold, with the best advantage considered to be its superior image projection quality, producing images on even the largest screens of a quality and clarity that has never been seen before.

Digital light projectors produce shake-free images and their light source is replaceable, which gives them a longer product life than other image screening options available on the market.

So, how can you benefit from this rapidly-advancing new technology and install a digital light projector in your home, office or educational establishment? The Nobo range of digital light projectors scores highly for image resolution quality and contrast and offers exceptional brightness. The Nobo range is easy to use, lightweight and portable and has been designed with entry-level operators in mind.