The 5 Steps to Personal Power

The world where we live in is like a roller coaster. There are several loops that we need to cross. People would often say that everything happens for a purpose. But why is it that most of us tend to always find for other people’s faults? Why are we too critical about other people’s businesses? Why do we think that in every wrong experience that we come across with there must be somebody to be blamed? It is either often times the fault of the government, the poor, the rich, the society, the media, our family, and even God Himself.

Scientists and sociologists have come up with a sound explanation to this. They say that people have their own reasons for their behavior and attitude. As individuals point their fingers at other people, there is a certain emotion that is stirred within. This is referred to as personal power. By and large, everyone stands responsible for his choices in his life. He exercises his personal power over the things that he commits himself into. His personal power is only executed in his relationships with different people. Personal power oftentimes makes someone too powerful and in control of the situation while at the same time he is also left powerless. Meaning, due to the behavior that he typifies, he becomes open to all sorts of criticism and more so, he becomes a prey to lots of wrongdoings.

Raise your knowledge corner. What is the problem that bothers you? How do you feel about it? How would you evaluate your actions towards other people and the circumstances that you face? What do you want to do to better understand yourself and provide a solution to your ordeal?

Raise your responsibility corner. How would you assess yourself when it comes to taking the responsibility over things? Are you ever willing to be held responsible for your actions?

Raise your control corner. What sorts of problem are you good in controlling? What are those things that you obviously lack control on?

As many people believe it, personal power is governed by the philosophy to which a person sticks. Meaning to say, as he firmly believes one thing, he cannot accept to stick to its opposite. How about you? How would you assess the positive and negative aspects of your personal power? The following criteria will help you assess yourself in this area.

Disregard your losses. If you are the kind of person who dwells on the mistakes and failures that you have committed, you tend to be overwhelmed by them and certainly, they are unhealthy for you. As much as possible, divert your attention towards other things. Entertain yourself and ignore these pressing concerns. They will only bother you to death.

Focus on your positive gains. Instead of being bothered by the numerous failures you have got, why not highlight the positive things that you have earned? They will somehow enlighten you and uplift your feelings. Celebrate for every win that you lay your hands on. Try to get your attention into the goals for success. The more you get motivated, the more you get closer to becoming successful.

Follow these criteria and reflect on your answers to the above mentioned questions. Needless to say, they will guide you in evaluating the strength or weakness of your own personal power.