The 4 Secrets For Approaching Women

As you walk down the street or step into an elevator and meet up with the attractive woman from the 7th floor, approaching a woman for the first time is vital.

There are plenty of occasions, events, and chance meetings that place you in a moment that you desperately don’t want to slip away.

Come off too strong and she’ll run for the hills; show low confidence and she’ll probably overlook your advances. Below are a few do’s and don’ts to consider when the “right one” comes along:

The 4 Secrets To How You Approach Women

Approach Women Tip #1 Make Healthy Eye Contact

While the saying, “Eyes are the gateway to the soul” is debatable; there is a wealth of merit to explore. Healthy eye contact not only serves as one of the main indicators of interest and attraction, but is also very telling when it comes to personality. The eyes can say things that the mouth doesn’t have to reveal.

Friendliness, compassion, curiosity, and passion are just some of the emotions revealed through eye contact, which also alerts others to self-confidence and high self-esteem.

It is rather important to remember that this powerful tool should be used with caution, too strong of a signal will translate into threatening glances, uncomfortable silences, and the feeling of stalking.

Approach Women Tip #2 Open the Door for Her

Everyone loves a gentleman. Opening the door for a woman may lead to future opportunities to strike up a conversation. When the moment allows it, many are able to add a witty or thoughtful comment to make your encounter a memorable one.

Approach Women Tip #3 Perform a Thoughtful Gesture

When random acts of kindness are performed, you never know where they may lead.

Help picking up fallen objects may seem like a clich├ęd attempt to make yourself noticeable, but showing genuine concern is very much appreciated. During these brief moments of contact, a perfect opportunity arises for introductions.

The same can be said for carrying heavy packages within the office setting or bringing a cup of coffee to a co-worker. Single roses also serve as a thoughtful act that lasts for days.

Approach Women Tip #4 Show Genuine Interest

Women respond well to men who share the same interests as they do.

To display your compatibility, take advantage of the possibilities associated by showing genuine interest (the key word being ‘genuine’).

Some of the most successful connections are made when commenting or speaking about babies, pets, and taking advantage of various settings, such as admiring and noting a fine art collection at a museum.

There seems to be a lot of confusion associated with what to do when you approach women. If you keep these 4 things in mind, your success will skyrocket in a very nature way.