The 3 Best Selections For Spider Vein Treatment

As time goes by, people want to find cure for anything. They want to look young as ever. They are excited about the ideas of retaining the look of their youth through the continuous development of science and technology. One component of this measure is spider vein treatment. Such condition hits more women than men at an earlier stage because of hormonal changes. Most women develop spider veins during their menopausal period. But it can be earlier, depending on the genes of the person who has this condition.

The Various Processes Related to Spider Veins

If you are one person who is also in search, what have you found so far? Spider veins do not pose any harmful threat on one’s health. But some people do find it ghastly to see some veins beginning to pop out on the parts of their bodies that they have become used seeing without any marks.

The spider veins are nearer on the skin’s surface. These can be found on the face and on the neck. These must not be mistaken as varicose veins. The latter looks bigger and more pronounced. They also cause more health hazards and pains than the spider veins.

But no one is stopping you from going through the available medical processes. If you feel like you really have to and that you have the capacity to move forward, here are your best bet when it comes to that.

1. Electrodessication. From the name itself, you will get the idea that this process uses the electricity in order to get rid of the veins. The electricity acts like a shocker to the veins. It aims for these veins to swell. After a while the veins will close and will eventually die. The procedure may appear well executed. But the after effects that this can do on your skin are not that pretty. This can leave scars due to the electricity that your skin was treated to.

2. Sclerotherapy. A solution or a compound of various elements that are intended for the process are mixed and then injected to your spider veins. Once this has been done, the veins will subside and eventually dissolve. The veins are moved closer to the skin’s surface to be sloughed off by your body. But the beauty of this treatment cannot be seen until a month or so of continuous procedure.

At first, you may see bruises and discoloration on the parts where injections have been done. But once everything is healed, the veins will be gone forever. You may be happy at the thought. But you must take note that there are new veins that come out of your skin as you age. This means that you may have to undergo the process over and over again.

3. Photorejuvenation. Such kind includes IPL or the intense pulsed light and BBL or the broadband light. These kinds of treatments use the process of selective photothermolysis. This aim for one thing. It removes those unwanted spider veins. The process goes like this. The light is applied on to your skin. It will penetrate through the veins. The veins absorb the energy coming from the light, making them hot until they could no longer stand it so that will cause their destruction. After that, the veins are moved to the skin’s surface and sloughed off by your body.

You must know that lasers are not that ideal in spider vein treatment. This is due to the fact that cosmetic lasers emit red spectrum that is not well-received by your veins.