The 2 Popular Choices When It Comes To Spider Vein Treatment

Are you looking for the available choices when it comes to spider vein treatment? As people age, their bodies begin to show signs of the processes that they are going through. There are many changes that happen in one’s body, both in appearance and capabilities.

No matter what your daily routine is, you will feel the effects of the aging process through time. There are some things that you can longer do. And there are some things that you used to be good at that you are bound to perform at a slower pace than before.

Despite the fact that this is only natural, people cannot help but look for ways and quick remedies as to how they can get rid of the problem or if not, just to slow down the process.

Spider veins usually become prominent when one approaches their middle age. Women are more prone to this than men. The latter fact is mainly due to the hormonal changes that women go through especially when they go through the menopausal period.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are expanded small blood vessels. These can be found near the skin’s surface that appears to be bluish or red. These can come out almost anywhere in the body. But most people have them on their legs and face.

The occurrence of spider veins is only normal. This is not deadly or harmful. This may not even be covered by your medical insurance. But you can bargain if you experience any pain with such situation.

Some people mask the unwanted sight by wearing suitable clothes that can hide their spider veins. Others use cosmetics to conceal such. While other folks opt for suntan in desperate attempts to hide the veins. They can get away with such tricks, because unlike varicose veins, spider veins appear to be smaller and thus the pain experienced by the person who has such is very little as compared to the former.

If you are bothered by the situation, these 2 are the more popular treatments for spider veins as of today.

1. Vascular lasers. The veins in the part of the face are what this kind of remedy usually treats. The reason for this is that the veins on the area appear to be smaller and superficial as compared with the ones found on people’s legs. The skin on your legs is thicker than the skin on your face and the blood vessels that have the veins are deeper. Thus this makes it harder for lasers to penetrate the veins on the legs.

For such reason, some people opt to tan their legs to hide the spider veins. But did you know that this option only makes it even harder for lasers to treat the part? And you are becoming more prone to skin cancer because of such act.

The procedure is becoming more and more advanced as years pass by. There are infrared lasers that are being utilized by specialists today that can penetrate the dermis, or the lower layer of the human skin. It is now possible to reach the vascular tissue through this procedure.

2. Sclerotherapy. This has been the conventional method for spider vein treatment. This has been trusted by dermatologists for over 60 years. The procedure involves the injection of specially formulated solutions that aim to get rid of the veins.