The 12 Second Mind, Body and Business Refresher

Do you have 12 seconds to refresh yourself in mind, body and business? That’s the maximum amount of time it takes to relax – to let go of the rev that may be costing you in efficiency, the busyness that may be masquerading as accomplishment and the noise (the thousands of things going round in your mind) that keeps you stuck or spinning.

Twelve seconds is also the amount of time it takes to shift out of adrenalin-based energy and back into your natural energy – to shift out of monkey mind and into genius mind and to bring YOU back to yourself and into your business.


What is this 12 second magic trick? It’s simply stopping and taking three conscious breaths. The truth is that the rev, the busyness and the noise cost us business owners far more than you can even imagine in time, energy and money. And if you stop to think about it, you all know the costs in vitality and fulfillment.


It’s simple:

1. Stop whatever else you are doing – don’t panic, it’s only for 12 seconds – and take three conscious breaths.
2. Conscious breaths are simply removing your attention from everything else you are doing or thinking and placing it inside your body and on your breath.
3. When your attention is on your breath, allow yourself to breathe in as much air as you really want and allow the out-breath to take care of itself under your gentle awareness, three times.

Savor each breath as you might a glass of fine wine, a perfectly ripe strawberry or the scent of your favorite fragrant flower. You might even notice a smile playing on your lips as you finish.

That’s all there is to it and the results are incredible. The immediate results are that you slow down, focus and feel refreshed. You are then much clearer as to what’s needed next, have the focus to do it and the presence that will make a difference.


Anytime is a good time for the Twelve Second Refresher. Some spectacular times are when you first begin work in the morning; before an important meeting, conversation or phone call; before writing something; when you have a big decision to make; any time you realize you are getting ahead of yourself; and when you are stopping work for the day.


Try one Conscious Breath. Select a business activity that you do often during a work day such as answering the phone, making a phone call, opening a file or “seeing” a client. Take one Conscious Breath beforehand. You will be more present and prepared for whatever the activity is.

Start every business meeting by inviting the participants to take three conscious breaths. This simple act will transform your meetings. It will increase the focus of the participants, bring a sense of connection among them and bring a sense of peace to the atmosphere. You will get more done in less time and enjoy your meetings a great deal more.


Conscious breaths relax us and give us greater focus, a sense of peace and connection, more vitality, greater access to the life force, and its natural flow of energy through us, and tap us into our own unique inner genius who has answers, solutions and ideas you won’t even believe.

There are plenty of biochemical, spiritual and quantum physical reasons for these benefits. Rather than take the time to go into them, I invite you to simply stop before you go on to the next thing and take three Conscious Breaths. You’ll be glad you did!

Step into your greatness! It’s the most natural thing you’ll ever do.

PS Taking Conscious Breaths is a step into your greatness!

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