The 10 Things Most Needed in a Persons Life

“What is most needed in a mans life?” asked a young boy. “My son, you asked a good question.

You need gratitude to your parents, love for them, and trust in them.

You must pay due respect to your parents, to those who are your elders, and to those of wisdom who have good qualities, proper conduct, and actions.

Your tongue must always speak the truth, never falsehood.

Always live in the company of those who are good and those who are wise.

Learn the virtuous qualities of modesty, sincerity, reserve, and fear of wrongdoing.

You must not harm another in your thoughts, in your intentions, in your words, or in your actions.

Acquire Gods qualities. Just as God shows compassion and love to all lives, you too must show the compassion and love of God to all lives.

Faith and certitude in God are essential to your life. They will give you strength, determination, and support. You must develop that steadfastness.

Do not be hasty under any circumstances. Develop patience, the inner patience known as sabur, the contentment known as shakur, the trust in God known as tawakkul, and always say, Al-hamdu lillah, all praise belongs to God.

“Acquire Gods qualities in this way and praise Him always. If these qualities appear in you, if you develop and utilize them, your life will become exalted. No matter where you may be, stay in the company of one who is wise and learn wisdom. Then you will understand the connection between you, your life, and the One who created you. If you understand this, you will understand the correct way to pray and the true state of prayer. This will give you victory in your life.”