The 1 Hour Golf Practice Plan

If you can spend an hour of your time practicing your golf game here is what I suggest you do to get the most benefit out of this time.

When you arrive at the practice area the very first thing you should do is a few stretches to warm up and you should do this for anything up to 5 minutes or until you’re warm.

Once you’re loosened up the next thing you should do is to start off hitting a couple of wedge shots and then slowly go through each club in your bag, hitting a few shots with each one until you reach your driver. This should take about 20 minutes. When hitting these shots you should treat each one as though it’s a real shot on the golf course. In other words, choose a precise target for each shot and then go through your normal pre-shot routine.

Once you’ve finished the 20 minutes of hitting full shots you should now practice pitching for 15 minutes and you should do this by hitting shots to all different distances.

What I mean be hitting shots different distances is that you should aim to hit one shot 30 yards, the next one 60 yards, one 75 yards, the next 40 yards etc, etc. And remember to treat each shot, as you would on the course i.e. pick a target and do your pre-shot routine.

Now practice your chipping and bunker play for the next 10 minutes and once again pick a target and go through your pre-shot routine for each shot. It’s important that you treat each shot as a real one and not some practice shot that doesn’t matter.

When practicing you should get yourself into the mindset that you have on the golf course. That way when you get to the course you’ll be better prepared.

So now you’ve got 10 minutes left to work on your putting. And I suggest you practice putts outside of 10 feet, concentrating on your distance control and then end the practice session with some short putts (e.g. 2-3 footers). You should do this so you leave your practice session on a successful note. Here’s a summary of your 1 hour practice sessionÂ…

1 Hour Weekly Practice Session

==> 5 minutes of stretching to get warm.

==> 20 minutes of hitting a couple of shots with each club, starting with a wedge and then moving through your bag of clubs until you reach your driver.

==> 15 minutes hitting pitch shots different distances i.e. 20 yards, 45 yards, 60 yards, 30 yards etc. Never attempt to hit a shot the same distance during this 15 minutes period.

==> 10 minutes of chipping and bunker shots.

==> Final 10 minutes of putting, mainly working on distance control on putts outside of 10 feet and then finishing off this time with some successful short putts.

Remember To Approach Each Practice Shot As Though It’s Real Shot On The Golf Course