Terrific Monday

To have a terrific week, you got to have a terrific Monday.

Here are seven suggestions.

Number one is required. Choose two from the rest.

1. Decide to feel good for no good reason!

a. You don’t really need a reason to feel terrific. Do you?

b.Change the screen saver on your computer to say.”I feel terrific for no
good reason”

2. Take six pennies put them in your left pocket. Move them one at a
time to the right pocket, each time you give a sincere compliment to

a. Sincere, real and specific

b.Six different people.

c. One can be your self..how terrific is that?

3. Answer the phone smiling.

a. Every time the phone rings or you make a call, stick a smile on your

b.Yes, fake it till you make it, a really terrific idea

4. Pick up the pace

a. Walk 30% faster than you normally do.

b. I have no idea how you figure it is 30% faster, but it is another
terrific idea.

5. Do the things you like to do least, first.

a. Get them out of the way.

b.Then you’ll have a terrific day. (I know, I know)

6. Email six people the following: “I am committed to having a terrific
Monday. Please tell me something terrific. If you have nothing terrific to
tell me, don’t tell me anything.”

a. Probably ought to do this with friends. Just in case they think you have
lost it.

b.If you don’t hear back from anyone, you will know your Monday is more
terrific than their’s.

c. Remember, everyone is someone else’s weirdo.

7. Mail a donation to your favorite charity.

a. The amount doesn’t matter. Make it cash.

b.Put it in an envelope and mail it at lunch.

What do you have to lose?