Ten Ways to Keep Holiday Depression From Your Door

Many people get depressed during the Holidays due to the loss of a loved one, bad health,or being alone. Television ads and cheery Christmas music can add to the problem.

Holiday cheerfulness, happy Christmas wishes, New Years saludos are pumped up by merchants who want to increase their bottom line. To fool you into thinking that you can buy love and happiness. Giving something special to a loved one does make us feel better but that good feeling, like happiness is fleeting and short lived. Giving of yourself lets you rise above your depression and lasts longer than unwrapping a gift.

If you are depressed or disappointed by all that Holiday cheer here are ten things you can do to feel better. Give of yourself—Give from your heart.

1. Invite someone to Christmas dinner who you know will be alone. You may want to ask them to bring something to share so they will feel that they have contributed.

2. Go to a religious service. Believer or non-believer it is uplifting to share good words, songs with a group of other people. Singing can change your mood, breathing and spirit.

3. Stay focused on the real meaning of Christmas. Giving to others ‘like the Three Kings did. Find ways to give of yourself and to yourself—not just material things.

4. Help serve a meal at center giving free meals to the homeless.

5. Talk to neighbors and friends and collect usable warm clothes and blankets that can be used by the homeless. Take them to a donation and distribution center.

6. Adopt a family. Call the Salvation Army and get the name of a poor family including the names, sex and ages of the adults and children. Rally friends and family to collect money for food and gifts. Have a get together, wrap the gifts, buy the food and a few days before Christmas or on Christmas Eve take everything over to the family.

7. Go to a nursing home. Take gifts–even a candy cane will be appreciated. Organize or join a group and sing carols– ask the residents to sing along.

8. If you have lost a loved one and miss him or her go to the cemetery and spend some time talking to them. Take a special gift. Your loved one may not be with you now but they still live on your heart. Losing a beloved pet can be a significant loss too.

9. Go away. If being at home is too painful with memories of missing a loved one go away, go on a cruise, a short or long trip. Change your location– be with new people. Create new rituals—next year will be easier.

10. Visit relative you enjoy being with. Share in their Holiday plans.

You will feel better if you give of yourself. Give your love without conditions or judgments. What goes around comes around.