Ten Rules for Success in an Online College

Do not be in too much of a rush to get started. Take as much time as you need to thoroughly investigate at least four or five online colleges and find one you feel enthusiastic about.

The colleges with names most familiar to you are not necessarily those with the programs best for you. Take time to consider colleges you have not heard much about…you may be pleasantly surprised.

Put together a list of at least five questions to ask the admissions personnel at the colleges you are considering. Compare their answers.

When speaking with a college recruiter, ask every question on your list, and be sure they are answered thoroughly. Ask follow up questions if necessary. Remember, your goal is to come away with all the facts you need.

Do not rule out an online college too quickly because of cost. Be sure you look not only at tuition but also at financial aid and scholarship availability, and tuition installment plans. Some institutions may be far more affordable than they initially appear.

Don’t trust your memory. Take notes whenever you speak with an admissions representative on the phone or in person. And, also take notes when reading college brochures.

Be sure…damn sure…you are willing to put in the time and work necessary to complete an online degree program. You don’t need the mind of Albert Einstein, but motivation and self-discipline are essential to your success.

Take some time to think about the specific degree that makes the most sense for you. For instance, a general business program might not serve you as well as a program with a focus in accounting, marketing, management, etc. Conversely, a more general, broadly based degree program in business may better meet your needs.

Studies have shown that the best students are very meticulous about scheduling time to complete their assignments and sticking to their schedules. Map out your schedule and stick with it.

If you have been out of school for a few years, don’t be intimidated. Just be sure to keep up with your assignments and ask questions whenever you do not understand the material.