Ten Minutes to Full Body Sculpting

Most people fail in body sculpting because they just don’t have the time to get in a full workout. Even those with the best of intentions can have troubles finding time in their schedules. But in reality, when you treat your exercise program like any other appointment in your life, you do have time – you just have to commit to your goals. What can help is a body sculpting or resistance training routine that takes the smallest amount of time possible, while still being effective. Here is one routine that will help you do just that.

Before you begin the body sculpting, you need to realize that it’s actually not the time that you spend exercising that matters; it’s the resistance that you place on your muscles. Better put, the harder you workout, the harder your muscles need to work and thus the more results you will get in return. You can turn nearly any workout into a ten minute workout routine, but you need to be sure that you’re:

* Doing the exercises correctly
* Performing each movement as ‘hard’ as you can – you should be able to feel your muscle contracting throughout the movement
* Focusing all your attention on your workout
* Avoiding the use of gravity to help your movements
* Doing the workout day after day

This ten minute body sculpting routine is so simple that you can even use other exercises to substitute if you get bored with the routine. All you need to do is start off with one minute of walking in place or jumping jacks to warm up. Then you want to do one minute each of the follow exercises:

* Pushups
* Squats
* Calf raises
* Tricep dips (using both at the same time or switching from one side to the next after thirty seconds)
* Bicep curls (using both at the same time or switching from one side to the next after thirty seconds)
* Shoulder presses
* Crunches
* Oblique crunches

Follow this body sculpting with one minute of walking in place slowly to cool down and you’re done. The key to the effectiveness of this routine is that you are hitting all the main parts of the body, focusing on working them out to tiring and then moving onto another body area. You don’t want to count repetitions during this exercise, just do as many solid form repetitions as you can.

What you will want to realize about the body sculpting routine is that you will not lose weight from this alone. By increasing the activity in your day, watching what you eat, and adding some cardio to your schedule, you will be able to create the kind of calorie deficit that will be conducive to weight loss.