Ten Habits of Highly Famous Thin People

The term “celebrity diet” is used to describe a diet that is supposedly used by or is highly recommended by Hollywood stars, singers, or other celebrities. There are many slight variations of these diets, but the one thing they have in common is the promise to lose weight fast. Most of them are low in carbohydrates and calories.

Paris Hilton

Paris has been quoted as saying “I hate the taste of alcohol,” Paris says. “When I’m drinking, I’m drinking Red Bull.” I hate the taste of alcohol,” Paris says. “When I’m drinking, I’m drinking Red Bull. Paris is also known for not following the typical low calorie diets she says that she loves McDonald’s or Taco Bell.

Angelina Jolie

To prepare for her role in Tomb Raider Angelina Jolie restricted herself to steamed sea bass or steamed beef and vegetables, ate no sugar and only drank soy milk.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is a very strict vegetarian who does not eat red meat, chicken, pork, fish or seafood.


Guided by a personal health and diet coach, the trim and toned star eats an organic whole food diet, rich in lean proteins which comprises most of her macrobiotic diet. It is based on a diet filled with whole grains, beans, vegetables, and some meats and fish.\

Jessica Alba

Jessica has said, “When I eat breakfast, I’ll have an egg-white omelette and fruit, or cottage cheese and a peach. For lunch, I’ll have a salad. Dinner is usually vegetables and chicken or fish. During the day I’ll have some dried fruit, or I’ll have a chocolate or strawberry frozen yogurt. I don’t really eat desserts or bread.”

Jennifer Lopez

Regarding her diet, Jennifer Lopez has said, “I don’t have anything banned from my diet and I’m not one of the health freaks who believe in not eating any sugar or leaving dairy products out. There are a number of weird diets out there but I don’t follow them. I eat almost everything, only in moderation.

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne has explained why the lyrics to her songs were also so angry: she was eating too many carbs.


Rock hard Usher says he puts a lot of focus into his diet. Usher’s diet consists mainly of chicken breast , fish, a moderate amount of carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.) and lots of fruits and leafy veggies.

Brad Pitt

For his role in Troy, Brad Pitt used a low-carb, high-protein diet.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron skips breakfast and has dinner instead, ensuring that she stays fuller for longer and consumes less calories during the day. She also eats six small low carb meals per day.