Ten Common Body Language Mistakes

Body language is a very powerful way of telling people when you are angry, sad, happy, silly, wanting to seduce, flirt, and more. Unfortunately, sometimes body language tells a completely wrong message, especially when it comes to flirting and seduction. If you want to meet new men or women but want to make sure you present the right message through body language, this article will help. Below, we have provided 10 common mistakes made regarding body language.

Misreading – Many times, both men and women misread another person’s body language, which means missed opportunity. It is important to pay close attention to subtleties in that each person has different ways of sending out the same message.

Immaturity and Silliness – Women love men who have great senses of humor but giving off body language that makes you look foolish is not going to cut it. You can be funny and get someone to laugh but stuffing your nose with a napkin or making a ketchup mustache is wrong. Be funny with your body but not goofy.

Free Drinks – Sometimes, men will send free drinks to a table as a means of flirting with a woman. Although a disconnected type of body language, there are better ways to get her attention. Now, offering one drink is certainly fine but continuing to buy drinks is out of line.

Eyes – You need to use your eyes to show interest. While you do not have to stare someone down, you also want to avoid taking your eyes off the listener or talker. Remember, the eyes are your audience so use this chance wisely.

Obstacles – Sometimes, people will place a chair, book, or some other item in front of them when trying to make a connection. This creates a barrier, which sends out mixed signals. Even crossing your arms or talking to someone from a distant show some disinterest. Make yourself open so the body language is positive.

Hands – You also want to keep your body position open. Again, if your hands are clasped or interlaced, you are showing nervousness and some disinterest. By unclasping your hands and keeping them open, you immediately change the way in which you are perceived.

Gestures – If a woman were sitting at a table and she uses gestures such as flipping her hair, putting on lip-gloss, or applying lotion to her hands, you would feel as if she were flirting. Even men can use various gestures such as rolling a mustache, winking, or giving a woman a gentle wave, all signs of interest.

Animation – Some animation is perfectly fine when flirting with someone. What you want to avoid is too much animation, which looks silly and too little animation that is boring. Instead of standing still, do not be afraid to shift around somewhat when talking to someone.

Posture – Standing with slouched shoulders or for a woman, legs uncrossed, you present yourself as unaware, lazy, and sloppy. Simply changing your posture to standing erect and proud or crossing your legs the right way will send off the right message that you have control and price in yourself.

Smiles – Be sure you smile, which is one of the most important types of body language you can use. Too often, people forget to show their pearly whites. Smiling makes you inviting and approachable. When flirting or trying to seduce someone, flirting with a smile will go much further than simply gazing at the person of interest.