Temporary Hair Straightening Methods

Chemical hair straightening or anything that will straighten your hair for any long period of time may cause damage to your beautiful hair. These chemicals actually strip the bonds and structures that keep your hair curly. Since there are some high risks involved with permanent hair straightening many people opt for temporary straightened hair. Luckily, there are many different topical and electrical irons that can give you pin straight hair one day at a time.

On the market today, there are many products that include oils, serums, and creamy substances that will straighten out your curly hair. These products are relatively inexpensive, but only hold until your next washing. Some of these products do not hold as long as other, so check to see which ones have the best reviews. Different hair types will also have to be taken into account. Fine hair usually straightens the easiest because it is able to soak up the products more readily. Coarse and thicker hair will take more product to achieve the same results. You may also have to blow dry your hair with these products in your hair and use a brush to coax it.

Another way to get the straight hair you have always dreamed of is through the use of a straightening iron. These irons can be found at most stores for around $40, but beware of cheap knocks offs. Some of the technologies used with these irons are quite impressive to say the least. There are ceramic metal plates, steamed metal plates, and tourmaline crushed metal plates. All 3 of these provide you excellent ways of getting your hair straight. Most salons agree that ceramic metal plates with crushed tourmaline is the best available on the market today. However, these irons can be rather pricey and may put a dent in your wallet. They can be as much as $400 for one of these. Spending this kind of money on a hair straightener is rather silly. If you can find an iron with ceramic plates then that will be great for your hair. Ceramic plate hair straighteners heat up quickly and lessen fly-aways and frizz.

Chemically altering your hair to have a straight hairstyle may not work for all people and hair types. Since, there are many ways to temporarily straighten your hair, it is much easier to switch your do around each day of the week. These temporary ways are much safer on your hair and have a lower risk for serious damage and problems.

Source: https://positivearticles.com