Telomere Maintenance: Key to Less Wrinkles & Improved DNA

What exactly telomere is? According to WikiPedia, telomere is “a region of repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration”.

This mechanism essentially controls aging. It is in everyone’s DNA. The key to keeping strong skin cells understanding the importance of maintaining strength. With the passage of time, naturally these cells do divide, and this helps regenerate new cells below. But the number of times they are able to divide is limited. They, at the end, stop dividing, and your skin does not have a defense mechanism in place. It can be compared with the sports equivalent of not fielding a defense!

It’s hard to explain the “in’s” and “outs” of every aspect of the telomere especially in the human body. But some have made the comparison to that of the plastic tips that harness the end of our shoelaces as they help prevent the chromosome ends from fraying and sticking to one another. The telomeres become shorter in length each time a cell divides. In the process they get to the point to where they simply cannot become any shorter and eventually they “die”.

Keeping strong, well-defined telomeres is the key to maintaining these strings of chromosomes. Wrinkling of the skin and other signs of aging will start to dominate the face when they become damaged and depleted. With wrinkles, the skin will appear older, more weathered, and less healthy. Not a single person on earth wants a face full of wrinkles!

It is important to know tips to take care of your skin to best protect the last line of defense,

DNA level

Treat the DNA level. An average skin cream from the corner store may claim to do that. However, it will not have anywhere close to the necessary concentration of highly targeted ingredients that will essentially be able to deliver. Look for an anti aging skin cream with Renovage. Renovage is a trademarked ingredient known to strike at the DNA level, essentially promoting cellular activity and growth.


A cheap product that will exfoliate is all you need in this case. You are removing the top layer of cells, consisting of dead and damaged skin cells, when you exfoliate the skin. By removing these damages cells you could make room for generation and appearance of new skin cells from below. Removing dead skin cells will always leave your skin with a new shine. Do it at least once per week.


Wear sunblock whenever you go outside. You have probably heard this a million times but put no heed to it. It’s important even if you live in the cold weather, the sun still does shine through and have long-lasting effects on your skin. Extreme sun damage can lead to a much shorter lifespan for telomeres. This will lead to unhealthy skin later in life.