Telephone VoIP Systems For A Small Business

Every business, no matter how big or small, should make it a priority to incorporate a reliable and affordable phone system into their day to day operations, choosing the wrong option or making do with an outdated one will only result in costing valuable time, clients, and money.

A business is reliant on consumers, if they are to succeed, and whether you are starting up a new project or plan to expand, an outmoded and undependable phone system is guaranteed to lose you potential, and existing, clients. Nobody likes getting a constantly busy line or being put on hold for ages, if this happens most will simply hang up and go elsewhere.

Previously, businesses relied on traditional phone systems whose charges and rates could be expensive and cut deeply into the monthly budget, however, recent improvements in technology has led to sophisticated VoIP Systems whose advanced technology means considerably lower costs on setup and equipment, superior flexibility, and greater freedom in running your business the way you wish.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and, put very simply, is a phone service over the Internet. The exodus to VoIP business phone solutions has been brisk over the past few years as the many advantages they offer over traditional systems are realised. A digital packet based system, it means that many Internet phone calls can be made simultaneously and can be sent over the same Local Area Network (LAN) that is used for your computer data needs which translates into an extremely cost effective way to make calls. As the internet is used instead of the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) due to less regulation, calls are much cheaper and generally you just have to pay a monthly fee which should covers all of your calls regardless of their destination.

VoIP is suited to all kinds of situations, whether you need to keep start-up costs as low as possible or minimize call costs, or if your employees work out of the office or at home as many do these days, there is always a solution. The advantages are obvious, location isn’t important with a system such as this as the IP network isn’t interested in where you are as long as it has an IP address, call an employee in an office thousands of miles away or just around the corner and there are no additional costs involved. Business travellers can carry their business VoIP phone number with them on trips away from the office and abroad, if a Wi-Fi network is available then it’s simply a case of logging on to start making and receiving phone calls.

VoIP incorporates the latest technology enabling you to have the most up to date services including conference bridges, caller ID, internet fax, auto attendant, number porting, and voicemail to email, simultaneous ringing and call-centre applications. What’s more, the outstanding tools offer automated system monitoring, configuration backups, reliable connectivity, simplified multi-location networking and total data confidentiality.

This ground-breaking technology is completely reworking the world’s phone systems, if you run a small business or office from home with few employees then check online for affordable, feature-rich business VoIP phone services that are specifically customized to meet your needs and eliminate inflated call costs. As solutions become more sophisticated and affordable this is probably the best time for any organization to take a look at the costs and benefits and decide if it’s what they need.