Telephone Line Rental Options

Lets work from most expensive to cheapest for Line Rental.

The most expensive line rental type is PSTN $39.95 per month. Because of legacy pricing that Telstra applies to their copper network at the wholesale level, there is a limit on what can be achieved with pricing for PSTN lines. Typical pricing on PSTN is $33-$39.95 per month. PSTN (or POTS Plain Old Telephone Service) is a single line service that can be used for Voice, FAX, EFTPO & ADSL Internet. PSTN is available from every exchange Australia Wide is is the most commonly used type of phone line in Australia.

The next pricing increment comes in with ISDN services which are again on Telstra network $33 per month. With ISDN you get digital line quality and access to a 100 number DID range. Per channel access is around $30 for eitherISDN 2 or ISDN 102030. With ISDN you have options for increments of 2 or 10 channels. Multiple ISDN 2 services will provide 2, 4, 6 or 8 services. ISDN 102030 has increments of 10 so its 10, 20 or 30 channels per service. Multiple service can be installed on the 1 site. ISDN is available at most exchanges Australia Wide and a PBX Phone system is needed.

The next level of pricing comes with Muliti Line ISDN which runs on Optus network $20 per month. Per channel access can be had for $20 per month if you are prepared to take a 36 month agreement. If a shorter term agreement is more your style then rental is $25 per per month. With Multi Line you get Digital service, access to a 100 Number DID range and the ability to take any increment above 10 channels …eg 10, 11, 12 13 channels at a time up to 30 channels per service. Multiple services can be installed at the 1 site but the Optus network is not as broad as the Telstra network. A PBX Phone system is needed.

And the winner is …Hosted Voice Hosted PBX System with Line rental as low as $10 per month. With Hosted Voice there is no tie to the physical network other than using an ADSL service so there is no charges being paid to Telstra to maintain the legacy network. Hosted Voice is only limited by the Internet capacity that you have on your site. Now the fastest growing Fixed Wire Telephone Product in Australia, Hosted PBX will be the standard when NBN network is activated. With even the most rudimentary level of access, with Hosted PBX you get a virtual PBX phone system with a massive range of features and benefits so you dont need a PBX Phone System. One is supplied as part of the product.