Teleconferencing In The Community

Teleconferencing has become the ‘norm’ in the corporate world with meetings taking place between participants situated all around the world. But does it have a use in the community?

Not only does it have a place, it has become increasingly popular in ways that may surprise you. In remote areas – Alaska for example – teleconferencing is used between the public and municipal entities. Winter weather and vast distances between centers make face to face meeting difficult and sometimes dangerous.

The State legislature has set up a communications system whereby testimony can be given and recorded. Meetings with residents are also carried out in the same way.

The center of the ‘hub’ is the capitol building but it has many conferences centers scattered all over the state as well as voluntary posts set up in people’s homes.

This system not only allows for the public at large to interact with the authorities, it also allows for interaction amongst themselves.

Issues concerning the community at large can be discussed prior to the state agencies becoming involved. In this way they put up a united front and put their points over more succinctly. This also saves time for all the parties involved.

This system could also be a life saver. In the middle of winter this can be used as an invaluable life-line to far flung outposts.

Who would have thought that this tool – the darling of the corporate world – could be used so effectively for, and throughout, the community?