Teleconferencing Accessories

Gone are the days of board meetings around a huge wooden table on the top floor of a skyscraper. They still occur, obviously, but it is more likely these days to have a teleconference. That is, a group of people – from any part of the country or world – participating in a meeting via telephone or video.

Since the boardroom meetings started to go ‘high-tech’ it was also necessary for the accessories and equipment to become more sophisticated.

Take, for example, the whiteboard which has replaced the need for paper and pens. This white colored board, taking its name from the traditional chalk blackboards of our schooldays, uses colored markers which can be dry erased. It replaces flip-charts and conventional chalk boards.

This has metamorphosised into an interactive device. A ‘touch-screen’ device on the computer allows all parties to participate. This also allows the computer to capture any or all of the information entered on it.

Another innovation of the whiteboard is the interactive kind which allows for the input of data, writing, drawing etc., allowing all participants to contribute to a common project.

The whiteboard is not restricted to the previously mentioned actions. It can be used as a projection screen for movies, or for slide shows and presentation.

The whiteboard is perhaps one of the most necessary accessories for the organization which has to communicate with its workforce or for project meetings with clients. What better way to show that your company is on the forefront of technology?