Telaustralias PABX Phone System Features

Purchasing a PBX Phone System is a major purchase so you want to make sure you get it right. There are many features available to choose from.

The voicemail feature is the commonly requested option with PBX Purchasers. Amounting to saving time, no written messages means valuable business resources can be put to more effective use. Voicemail messages can be listened to over and over so no more missed phone numbers. Alcatel PABX phone systems have voice mail included on all their systems at no extra cost.

Hands free speaker phones are another popular feature as they enable you to carry on working if put onto hold, numbers can be dialed without picking up the phone and conference calls can be shared. All PABX phone system manufacturers have models available that utilise speaker phone function.

Silence at the end of the line after your call has been answered means you never know for sure if you are still connected. Whilst waiting in a call queue, listening to music or messages on hold reassures the customer that the call has been transferred and waiting to be picked up. Day or night time greetings ensure calls are never missed. Depending on your PABX phone system and type of phone lines available, systems can answer and hold numerous calls at the same time. Specify your requirements exactly on your PABX phone system scope document. Some PBX phone systems include Messages on Hold (MOH) as standard.

A service that lets you transfer calls isn’t necessarily easy as it depends on if you have the right type of lines paired with a PBX Phone system. Ideally ISDN 2 or ISDN 10/20/30 with a DID Direct In Dial Number range will make this task more proficient at busy times.

Recording a greeting message is easier said than done, many companies record their own greeting and it shows! It pays to get a professional recording. Day and night time greeting messages can be interchanged and if a call is taking too long to answer then the automatic message service will click in.

The auto attendant feature automatically redirects calls without the need of a receptionist. For example, press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts and so on. This feature saves reception costs and minimizes customer waiting time by transferring them to the correct department.

There are two methods of speed dialing. The first is basic dialing from the handset and the second is the use of computer based CTI software that facilitates the dialing of numbers from your desk top phone book. Most PABX phone system manufacturers have handsets that can hold as many as 100 direct speed dials. Many typical handsets have from 6 and 24 buttons used for speed dial.

Many customers now request wireless and corded headsets. Wireless headsets are generally Bluetooth or Dect. Dect have a larger range and mobility whilst Bluetooth is compatible with more products. Various models from Plantronic have multiple pairing, letting you change between calls from PABX phone systems and mobile phones

The easiest and cheapest type of speaker phones are suitable for mid-sized offices but if you want something more high tech then you can get systems that use directional microphones and directional video.

There is now a huge selection of supporting software for PABX phone systems; call accounting software for charging customers for calls, CTI software can combine phone books, call management software for inbound and outbound call centers offers call quality monitoring, call recording and complete statistical analysis. When discussing PABX phone system options with your supplier always try and give them as much detail in your requirements and needs to get the right quote.