Teen Pregnancy and It’s Effects

Talking to your teen about the causes and effects of sexual intercourse is a very important preventative measure you can take. Sometimes parents find it hard to talk to they’re children about sex, maybe there is another friend or family member that the teen would feel more comfortable talking with about this issue. Making sure the issue gets talked about is the main objective.

Keeping track of what your teenager’s interests are and spending some time together every week is also a very good idea for prevention. When the teen knows you are genuinely caring about her thoughts and feelings she will be less likely to rebel against what you say.

If your teen has a serious boyfriend, talk to her about they’re relationship and make sure she is aware that if they truly love one another, it is important to wait for something as serious as sexual intercourse takes place between them. Most of the time the boyfriend will respect that she wants to wait until the right time. Also, monitoring alone time they are spending is a good idea considering that teens have raging hormones.

If you suspect your teen of having sexual relations, and these options are not working, maybe you should consider birth-control. There are many birth control options. Condoms and the birth control pill is only just a couple there are many different options in birth control.

Drugs and alcohol can also be a problem associated with teen pregnancy. These things lower your standards and morals causes the teen to be easily influenced. Of course these aren’t the only causes from the use to drugs or alcohol. Talk to you child about the effects of substances on they’re mind and body. A lot of girls also get slipped drugs in they’re drinks at parties; this is called “date rape”. Just reminding your child that this can very easily happen to them is a big prevention.

The more knowledge your teen can have about teen pregnancy the more they can see the causes and effects are. Sometimes knowledge is power. Power for prevention, which can make a huge difference!