Teen Drug Abuse Warning Signs

Raising a teenager is a difficult task. There are many things to worry about, and one subject many parents are concerned about is teen drug abuse. Parents who discover that their teens are drinking or using drugs are often not surprised, as they noticed many changes in their teenager. The difficulty is in telling which changes in behavior mean your teen is using drugs, and which are just the normal result of teenage hormones. These can also be signs that your child is ill.

Some warning signs of teen drug abuse can include:

  • emotional changes – a personality change, or frequent sudden mood swings, or a happy child becomes an irritable teen
  • low self esteem – poor self image or depression
  • general lack of interest – your teen stops participating in a favorite sport or no longer is willing to participate in family activities
  • school – dropping grades, cutting classes, or discipline problems can be signs of teen drug use
  • health – constantly tired, glazed red eyes, or constantly coughing
  • friends – new, less conventional friends, or friends who are often in trouble
  • trouble with the law, or other authority figures

Of course, any combination of the above mentioned changes or signs are not necessarily a sign of teen drug use. As teenagers, there will be changes in friends, hormonal issues, and in general, many changes. It is hard to tell from one change in behavior whether your teen’s reluctance to be around their parents is due to teen drug use, or because they find it uncool. Problems with school or friends could be due to a fight, or some incident which happened.

The important thing to do is to talk to your teenage child. Several of the above warning signs combined mean that something is going on in your teen’s head, and finding out sooner rather than later could save your family and your teen a lot of problems. If your teen is using drugs, get help in dealing with this problem.