Teen Chat : 5 Choices You Can Make Today!

Hi Teens:

As a teen, you naturally want more independence from your parents and the freedom to go places you want and do things you like.

Since your parents are responsible for you until you are on your own, part of their job is to decide whether or not they feel comfortable when you do certain things like staying out later, going to parties, and being with people they don’t know. At times, you may not think you have any choices at all. As a result, you may feel frustrated and angry.

You do, however, have more choices than you think you have. We would like to show you a different perspective on your options.

Did you know that every day:

*You can choose what you wear, what you say, and how you behave.

*You can choose your friends.

*You can choose how much you allow others to influence you.

*You can choose how to treat yourself.

*You can choose how to treat others.

*You can choose how you respond
if bad things happen.

*You can choose your values.

*You can choose your dreams.

*You can choose whether you will pursue your dreams.

All of these choices are based on the single most important choice
of all:


I do not mean religious beliefs.

I am talking about your view of yourself, people, friends, and the world in general. Whatever opinions you have about you and the world around you will influence what you think, feel, say, and do.

What is the definition of beliefs?

Beliefs are any ideas you think are true about yourself, others, and life.

Clarity and awareness of what you believe, what you want, and why you want it can be like a beacons on a clear night guiding you towards making your dreams come true.

Unfortunately most of us are not aware of our beliefs. We acquired many of them when we were very little, and as we mature they affect our feelings, thoughts, and actions if we know it or not.

The problem is that many of our beliefs may be self-defeating.

A self-defeating believe is unsupportive—it does nothing to help us.

An example of an unsupportive, self-defeating belief can be found in the circumstances of a young girl who is told repeatedly that women do not have a good mind for business. This thought is impressed upon her subconscious mind and grows throughout her teens. Her perception and experiences are in alignment with this impression and, therefore, reinforce it. The girl goes through college, finds a job, and moves to an area that experiences a real estate boom. However, all the houses she finds are bad deals. Sometimes she arrives too late. Her experiences match the impression in her subconscious that she doesn’t have a good mind for business.

A second girl is told that she can do anything she wants and that she has a good mind for business. Her experiences reinforce this impression. By the time she moves to the same area as the first girl, she’s already created several businesses. She sees incredible deals all over town and moves immediately on them.

Our upbringing, what we have been told, and our experience mold our beliefs. They are the windows through which we see ourselves and the world and by which we govern the quality of our lives.

Take a close look and identify the unsupportive beliefs that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams. You can change your beliefs anytime you want if you choose to do so!

Add this to your list of choices:

*You can choose your beliefs.

If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.
Louise Hay

The past does not equal the future.
Anthony Robbins

Things do not change, we do.
Henry David Thoreau

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