Tear Up Your “To Do” Lists!

Most of you have those tedious “To Do” list that you create in an effort to get more things done in your day. But let’s take time to really look at your “To Do” list. The actual words “To Do” have a negative connotation, and when you look at that list on a daily basis you think to yourself, “I MUST get this stuff done!”. It’s like meeting a deadline on a daily basis. You absolutely dread it! You should just call it your “To Don’t” list, because it’s not something that you even look forward to doing.

So, what kinds of things are on these “To Do” list?

1. Go to the gym

2. Take the kids to baseball practice

3. Make (3) new contacts for my business

4. Pick-up the laundry

5. Coaching session

6. Tele-Class

7. Book flights for upcoming seminar

That’s right, this is an example of the infamous “To Do” list that you write out every day, and you drive yourself crazy trying to get everything done. Then at the end of the day, you wad up your list and throw it away. No matter if you finished everything or not. Does this make sense? No. Why should you torture yourself by making a list of things that will ultimately hang over your head all day long. Plus, most of the time the things on your “To Do” list are important to you and you should feel a sense of accomplishment after you complete them. I know that you are saying to yourself, “John, I have to write things down or I won’t do them, and these things are important.” I agree with you 100%, but there is another way…something you won’t hate and resent doing on a daily basis. You must make this list important to you and feel good about yourself when you complete it or even most of it.

Develop a Champion Checklist! Doesn’t that sound better and more powerful? How would you feel at the end of your day if you accomplished the majority of things on your “Champion Checklist”? Here’s another tip. Don’t throw it away day after day after day. Keep your Champion Checklist in a journal or simply a notebook. This will allow you to look back at your lists at the end of the week and see all of the things that you achieved. On the other hand, it will also act as your guide to things that you can do better such as time management.

My challenge for you today is to commit to tearing up your “To Do” list and replace it with a “Champion Checklist”. Will you do it or will you continue to begin everyday staring at a list that haunts you all day long? It’s up to you! This simple change will produce drastic results for you.