Targets of Opportunity

What are targets of opportunity? This is a term which is familiar to those who have spent time in the army, the targets being persons of the enemy who happen to be just where you happen to be looking. Yesterday I was talking to a surgeon who had also been in the war and he used this term “targets of opportunity” to describe polyps in the bowel. His use of this term in such a different context grasped my attention, and I later found myself wondering how many people miss out on opportunities in life.

I don’t mean this merely in the sense of bowel polyps being identified and removed; I’m referring now to opportunities which present themselves to us every day of our lives. Our lives offer infinite possibilities and yet many of us do not even realize that these opportunities are there. We tend to live our lives in accordance with preconceived ideas and expectations. Whatever we perceive now, today, is made sense of through our beliefs and past knowledge and expectations. Hence the surgeon I mentioned before using his army terminology to describe a completely different context. His pattern match relating to “targets of opportunity” was a very empowering one. I for one would definitely want him as my surgeon if I had bowel polyps – he saw them as his own personal enemies to be eliminated with immediate effect! He was at war with these bowel polyps.

How many of us have this focus, this intensity of focus upon out goals? The majority of us have work related goals which we either set for ourselves or they are set for us. But do we give equal attention to the setting of goals with regards to our relationships, or happiness in general, or our spirituality? This leads to the question of which is more important to you and have you got your priorities right?

If you do not set goals it is likely that the targets of opportunity which present themselves to you will be ignored. In fact, you will probably not even see them, let alone give yourself the opportunity to ignore them. So many people wonder what they did wrong in their day to day life, or in their relationship. They ask themselves these questions after the event of course, when it is too late to make any changes. The fact is that if you do not focus upon what you want you will miss out on opportunities because you will be blind to them. Whatever you focus upon you attract into your reality.

Have you given any time to intentionally seeking happiness? Most people set more minor goals, with the idea in our minds that “if I lose weight I will be happy” or “if I make a million dollars I will be happy” and so on. Achieving these goals will not necessarily lead to happiness; in fact I very much doubt that any of these types of goals will lead to happiness, because happiness is a state of mind that you feel “in the now”. Happiness is a state which you experience at this moment in time, and it involves acceptance of where you are, and enjoyment of the moment. Happiness is not conditional. Happiness just is.

Happiness in itself leads to fulfillment and success. If you choose to enjoy each moment, to be in the now, you will necessarily be more aware, and those targets of opportunity will not slip by unnoticed.

Many of us are so used to living life on a tread-mill, that we have almost forgotten how to be in the moment, and enjoy being in the now. But this state is in actual fact the nearest state to bliss that you can experience and the human mind hungers after this. You can learn how to relax and be in the now with the help of hypnosis downloads. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation. You feel good in hypnosis. It also allows access to your subconscious mind and so you can easily change habitual thoughts and behaviors with the help of hypnosis.

If you want to be happy, to be in the now, and to not miss your targets of opportunity, then you will find that you can refocus your mind quickly and easily simply by listening to hypnosis downloads.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for happiness, success and well-being.