Tapestry As Home Decor

Decorating a home with tapestry can be a good way of making a unique addition into any room. An interesting tapestry art can very well light up a home in so many different ways. But there is always a proper way in trying to use a tapestry as an attractive home decor. Here are the different ways to do it.

Appreciating tapestry as a decor in a home would depend on how it is being used. A lot of people can wrongly give use artificial lighting in presenting a tapestry in the room. A lot of people may think that using artificial illumination upon a tapestry may give its beauty become the focus of the room. But it does less to give the artwork justice.

A tapestry that hangs upon a wall in the room can be better viewed using only natural lighting. Natural light coming from a window or from a sun roof can be enough to help make the tapestry shine in any room. Natural lighting can be enough to enhance the details exhibited by a certain tapestry. Natural lighting can even quite better than any form of artificial lighting in trying to show the tapestry artwork better.

What’s more, natural lighting provides a tapestry with varied effects at different times of the day. The different phases of natural lighting on different times of the day seem to give a tapestry various dramatic effects as the light falls on its surface differently depending on the time of day. This effect can sometimes also affect the ambiance of the whole room, making it a more dynamic.

If used as home decor, a beautiful tapestry should have its own special place in the room. And this should be somewhere its details and beauty can be fully appreciated. Placing a tapestry on a wall properly is also important aside from how it is being illuminated. The wall is the main area where an artful tapestry is placed as a home decor. Tapestry art is a special form of art. Therefore, it should not be treated lightly like just any other type of ordinary textile.

When putting up a decorative tapestry on a wall, it is best to keep it separate from the other wall d?cor. Putting them together that might cause them to clash for attention with each other which might not work well in a room. It would be better to keep them occupy their own separate space so that a single object can capture one’s attention.

Another thing to consider when hanging a tapestry concerns the available wall space. The wall should not just be as big as the tapestry that will hang on it. It should have certain space allowances in order to fit quite well. Make sure that the wall chosen for a certain tapestry has enough room to fit into it with enough space left on its sides.

A good rule of thumb for hanging tapestries is to have a wall with at least four inches allowance or bigger than the tapestry in terms of height and length.

Source: https://positivearticles.com