Taking Your Cockatiel to an Avian Vet

Cockatiel Avian Vet Visits

Taking your cockatiel to the vet can be traumatic or stressful to your bird. However, it is necessary to have them checked at least once a year for any signs of illness or disease. If your bird is already showing signs of illness, then he should be seeing a vet immediately. Cockatiels are prey in the wild, so they hide their symptoms of illness. Once a cockatiel can no longer hide its symptoms it is usually something serious. Whenever you enter a vet, here is some things you can expect to see.

Most vets are not only for birds, so keep your bird in a closed travel carrier. There may be cats, dogs, and reptiles at the vet, so always have your bird inside its carrier. A dog or cat could harm your bird, so also keep close supervision. The first visit to an avian vet is going to be a little pricey. They will likely charge a first time patient fee which can be as high as $50. That is just the base cost and does not include any procedures they perform on your cockatiel.

Upon entering the exam room, they will place your bird on a scale. A cockatiel’s weight says a lot about its diet and overall health. The vet may also discuss what kind of diet your cockatiel should be on or ask you what type of diet he is on now. Always answer these questions honestly because if something is wrong with your bird’s diet, the vet may be able to tell you how to feed him healthier food. At this point, if it is just a regular checkup the vet will allow the bird to run around the table and watch his behavior closely. Some birds may be nervous and not move around too much or others may be exploring each corner of the tabletop! The vet will likely check the cockatiel’s wings, feathers, and eyes. It is much like what a doctor does to you at a regular checkup.

If you come to the vet for an emergency, they will do much of the same as described above. However, if it is a serious injury, it is possible they skip those steps to help the cockatiel immediately. The vet will usually have an assistant that helps to handle your bird. Some instances, they will take your bird into another room and do procedures there. This is so the experience is not traumatizing to you. It also allows them to do the procedure without any interruptions from the owner.

The vet will discuss with you what procedures they had to perform and whether or not your cockatiel is ready to go home with you. If the injury or illness is serious, they may keep him overnight to monitor his progress. Most likely the vet will give you antibiotics that you will need to administer to your cockatiel.

Taking your bird to an avian vet will help your cockatiel’s health in the long run. If you ever suspect something is wrong with your cockatiel, contact your local avian vet.

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