Taking Online Dating to the Next Level

Online Dating – Taking it to Levels Two and Three

Online dating is a fun way to be introduced to a plethora of available individuals that are interested in spending time with you. The medium allows for an appropriate amount of anonymity, which is necessary to help some people feel comfortable in the beginning of a relationship. It does, however, foster relationships that may be too reliant on technology to sustain them.

Levels Two and Three of an online-spudded relationship are not always easy to reach. Level Two is the phone. Level Three is an in-person meeting. Here are some tips to help you get there.

Level Two – The phone
You can likely emailed with your date several times. You may exchange witty banter or instant messaging. Chances are you are intrigued, but a little worried about what he or she will think when he talks to you or even meets you in person. Remember that it is normal to have a little apprehension (or even a lot) when meeting someone who you deem important. After all, you want to make your best impression so that he or she is interested in pursuing a relationship with you!

One strategic way of broaching the transition is to simply request that you chat on the phone about a particular topic that is important to the two of you. Your phone conversation has the potential to be awkward and a little quiet at first as you both decide exactly what to say, but as long as you ask fun questions and convey and interest in learning more about the person that you’re speaking with, you are sure to be one step closer to pursuing a positive relationship.

The phone can be tricky so do not be entirely discouraged if you do not feel that you hit it off on the phone at first. Try a date in person next.

Level Three – In-Person Date
Level Three is perhaps one of the scariest levels when it comes to establishing a new relationship that grew up online. When meeting someone that you know only slightly from the Internet finally in person, you are sure to be filled with trepidation and nervousness. You may ask yourself, “What will he think of me? What will I think of him? What if he doesn’t like me and the relationship ends?”

The best advice for overcoming nervousness is to simply go forward and risk it. Easier said than done? Just know that no relationship will last in Stage One for long, so at some point, a meeting will become essential. Chances are very high that you will actually enjoy yourself, if you are able to relax enough into the experience.

Source: https://positivearticles.com