Taking a Cruise to Barbados

Barbados Is Famous For Sports

Considered the Caribbean’s “Little England,” the island of Barbados is one of the best cruise destinations for those who like to get out and do it all. With a rich culture, great beaches and plenty of opportunities to explore, Barbados is a favorite of those who prefer an active vacation. But, there’s plenty of opportunity for those who just want to relax to do just that.

Located in the Southern Caribbean, the island of Barbados is home to the Bajans – what the natives call themselves. The peoples are a mix of cultures, but the English accent still shines through. The island is home to nearly 300,000 residents and is famous for its sports tourism opportunities.

Those who make Barbados a stop on a Caribbean cruise will find the island has the typical temperate climate of the region along with lush tropical landscapes, beautiful beaches and the crystal clear turquoise waters the Caribbean is famous for. Inasmuch, water sports are very popular here. Offering everything from swimming and water skiing to kayaking and more, this island is meant to be explored outdoors!

While water sports are a prime attraction, cricket is king in Barbados. This distinctly British sport is loved by the natives and cruisers might be able to catch a game. In addition, the island is home to a number of golf courses, racetracks and more. There’s sports to watch and sports to take part in here.

Visitors looking for a tour of the island won’t be disappointed. Those wanting to find out what Barbados is all about have the choice of walking tours, guided motorized tours and even an underwater submarine tour. There’s even turtle encounters and shipwreck excursions. The island is known for its wildlife watching possibilities either onshore, inland or even under water.

Barbados is also known for its scuba and snorkeling opportunities and charter fishing expeditions. Water lovers will find a whole different experience under the sea when they visit Barbados.

When it comes to things to do, Barbados is the Southern Caribbean’s sports center. From horseracing and golf to tennis and cricket, the active cruisers will find no shortage of activities to take part in. And, for those who just prefer to soak it all in, the beaches are ideal for catching some rays.

Barbados is a top cruise destination for a number of reasons, but perhaps the biggest draw is the diversity of things to do here. From beach lounging to horseback riding and beyond, there is a little something for everyone in Barbados.

Source: https://positivearticles.com