Taking a Cruise to Aruba

Aruba Is A Popular Cruise Destination

The Southern Caribbean island of Aruba is one of the most popular cruise destinations for a number of reasons. Combining a mix of great year-round weather with first-class activities for visitors, this island sees hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

With most of its visitors coming from the United States, Latin American and Holland, Aruba is a destination that offers the best of the Caribbean and more. The island’s main draws for tourists are its turquoise waters and white beaches – typical of this region – and its location. Since it’s on the southern border of the hurricane belt, it tends to be spared, making it a good choice for trips year-round.

Aruba is also loved for the fact there is no sales tax on the island. Shoppers here have their choice of resorts, sales districts and more to explore and they can do it all without having to leave a tip for the politicians!

Although some of the main draws to this island are the same as all in the Caribbean – water, water, water, and beaches – Aruba also likes to show off its rich history to visitors. The island has its own Museum of Archaeology that includes finds from the Caquetios Indians that date back to about 1,000 AD. Ancient painted symbols remain visible on the island’s limestone caves, reminding visitors this island has been a favorite for centuries.

While the Indians were the first to live on Aruba, the Europeans also staked their claim. The Spanish came in the late 1400s and held sway for quite some time. In the 1630s, the island passed hands to the Dutch who held control for about two hundred years. Aruba passed hands again to the English during the Napoleonic Wars, but was returned to the Dutch in 1816.

Although technically a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba functions as its own, independent country today. The tiny island has its own industries, not the least of which are tourism, to help keep it going.

Visitors here will find lots to see and do. Although it’s generally just one port of call in the Southern Caribbean, Aruba has more than enough going for it to be a single destination stop, as well. Cruise ship passengers who disembark for a day or more in Aruba can see the island in all its beauty. Draws include horseback riding on the beaches, kayaking, sailing, guided tours, snorkeling and diving, inland excursions and more.

This gem in the Southern Caribbean has passed hands from country to country, but it remains strong and proud today as its own independent entity. Visitors here will find more than enough to see and do and they might even have the chance to play on the famed Tierra del Sol golf course.

Source: https://positivearticles.com