Take Time to Align…

How much more would you accomplish with less effort and in less time yet with greater fulfillment and a higher quality if you prepared ahead by taking time to align?

I’m talking about aligning first with who you really are. This is bringing all aspects of who you are into the picture and into alignment. It includes your heart and soul, your mind and your spirit.

I suggest that you create a daily practice for aligning with who you really are. Once you are able to do that in a regular practice you can call upon it more and more easily during the rest of the day.

Start with the intention to align and then do the practice. One of the first things needed is to realize that your mind is usually the most active aspect of you and likes to run the show. Yet the mind’s true purpose is to serve the other three aspects of you.

The heart, soul and spirit are usually quieter. They are usually found – with awareness – inside your body.

I’ll give you a very simple and effective practice for aligning your heart, soul, mind and spirit. You can start with five minutes daily. What’s most important is the consistency with which you do the practice.

Begin your day with the intention to align soon after waking. And sometime after that find a quiet spot in which you can sit quietly without being disturbed. Once you are in that place, refocus your intention to align.

Then drop down. Drop your attention – followed by your awareness – down from your head into your body. Notice the energetic package of who you are using the envelope of your skin as a porous parameter.

Allow your awareness to be with your energetic presence, the focus and field of energy that lives through your body as you. The aligning begins.

Once your awareness is on your energetic presence which is the whole of you, the aligning occurs naturally, easily. There is little more that you have to do in this aligning process.

As with any practice, your work is simply to be with it, to stay with it and to continue the practice consistently over time.
In this practice your work is 1) having the intention to align, 2) dropping down from your head into your body, 3) being aware of your energetic presence, 4) noticing each time your mind jumps in to try and run the show and 5) simply dropping down and being aware each time that happens. You can be sure your mind will do that over and over again.

Once you are aligned with who you really are fresh ideas will come to you and inspired actions will be revealed. You will take all of you into your day, your work, your life.

You will be in tune with what matters most and you will know what are the most important things to be done. That which is extraneous and irrelevant will drop away.

By taking time to align, you will accomplish far more in less time and less effort. And you will be living, loving and working as the person whose very presence makes a positive difference in the world.

Step Into Your Greatness NOW! Take time to align….