Take Ownership Of Your Issues

Q. What happens when we keep “passing the buck” and blaming others for our own errors and shortcomings?

We get a reputation as a shirker – a liability who won’t accept being made accountable. Not only does this do us no favours at all in the eyes of others, it also means we’re less likely to learn from the incident because we’ve already convinced ourselves it’s somebody else’s “fault.” The solution? To take ownership of the incident and make amends in the best possible way.

Q. Are You?

– Honest Enough To Admit You’re Often “Passing The Buck”?
– Losing Trust And Respect As A Result?
– Determined Instead To Take Ownership?

Begin making the transformation today!

Q. What’s In It For You?

– Learn How To Turn All Such Negatives Into Positives
– Gain Newfound Trust And Respect From Self And Others
– Watch As Your Life And Opportunities Expand

Only by taking ownership in this way do we give ourselves the chance to learn and progress and make a difference. If we don’t then we remain as we are – motionless, dismissive and devoid of respect. Seeing it from this perspective, we realise there really is only one way forward – to refrain from blaming our environment (family, friends, colleagues, etc) and instead take absolute ownership of all that we do.

How do we achieve this? Simple – we start by being honest with ourselves and progress to becoming honest with those around us. Once in this habit, we open our lives to positive change and notice it rippling out into our environment. Most importantly, we develop trust and respect within ourselves and from others. Result – our integrity comes to the fore and our relationships and opportunities expand – it’s as simple as that.

INQUIRY: Take a look back over the last few weeks at the number of occasions where you “passed the buck” instead of taking ownership. What made you do that? What could you have done differently?

ACTION: For the next thirty days, take ownership of your errors and shortcomings. Act with integrity and be honest with yourself and others. Notice how much better you feel and the difference you’re able to make. Stretch yourself a little more each day.

Make A Habit Of Taking Ownership Of Your “Issues”

Best wishes