Take Care of Hands and Nails

Your nails are an important part of your hands. Nail is made of a hard protein called keratin. Nails grow faster during certain hormonal fluctuating periods, as in the beginning of pregnancy, or just before menstruation. The nails help protect the ends of the fingers and toes from trauma and also help us pick up small objects. When healthy, they are highly resistant to tearing or breaking. However, deficiencies in diet can make nails brittle. Hands are the most visible parts of you, but they also take a lot of abuse. The French Manicure is the manicure where the tips of nails are pure white. This is a look that is very popular because it makes your nail look healthy and clean. It’s suitable for all occasions since it is ultra natural.

The white nail polish is typically aligned with the edge of the finger, but there are alternatives which also look very attractive. Eat a diet composed of 50% fruit and raw vegetables in order to supply necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Eat foods rich in sulfur and silicon, such as broccoli, fish and onions. Wash the hand with cold clear water and then wipe fingers with a soft towel. Clean the nail using orange stick and cotton dipped in Antiseptic lotion. Nail polish thinner can be used to thin out nail polish that has become too thick. Keep the polish in the refrigerator to make it last longer. Keep nails well-trimmed, and don’t wear polish to work. Vitamin B especially B5: Important for healthy skin and nails. Moisturizing your nails every day is important to maintaining healthy cuticles.

Nails that split and peel lack sufficient oil and moisture. Nail polish thinner can be used to thin out nail polish that has become too thick. Keep exposure to harsh chemicals at a minimum, especially bleach. Soft nails that look scooped out. Depression is usually large enough to hold a drop of liquid. Terry’s nails — The nail looks opaque and white, but the nail tip has a dark pink to brown band. Black currant oil is very effective for healthy nail growth. Dirty and unkept nails will make your hands look ugly. Your nails need to be strong and healthy for your hands to look beautiful. Drink fresh carrot juice daily, this is high in calcium and phosphorus and is excellent for strengthening nails. Drink plenty of water and other liquids.

Take Care of Hands and Nails Tips

1. After washing your hands, pat dry and, while moist, use a moisturizer on the hands, cuticles and nails.

2. Nail polish protects the nail from stains, physical trauma, and acts as a barrier to chemicals

3. Do not use too much polish remover.

4. Avoid applying sharp instruments under the nails. They might break the nail to skin bond;

5. Do not ignore nails that separate from beds.

6. Avoid chipping and peeling off nail polish.

7. Do not forget your toenails.