Take Back The Reigns. Take Responsibility For Your Own Well Being

“Some Of The Oldest Cultures In The World Only Pay Their Doctors When Their Patients Stay Or Get Healthy…In Our Country, Doctors Would Go Broke In A Hurry….”

In the US, since the days of the pioneers, we have only gone to the doctor for relief. We have always prided ourselves as being tough. So tough, we deny help until there is a major problem. We just want to keep going and not worry about the real problem and thus medicine has adapted to this attitude and delivers the fix, rather than the prevention of health problems. More teeth are extracted than preserved. More parts of the body are removed than fixed. It’s just easier. Why go to the doctor unless something is wrong, right?

But something is drastically wrong with that picture. Medicine in many other countries is seen as a way of maintenance. These countries have less obesity, less heart disease, less cancer and far less premature death related to preventable illness.

Sometimes we have to look into the past to see the future: People Have Forgotten Thousands Of Years Of Written Proof That Hold The Real Secrets To Good Health.

Unfortunately, for the past 75 plus years we have ignored that knowledge and rather embraced to rely on science and lab created drugs. And while on average people live longer, we tend to ignore the fact that it is largely due to better sanitation. The stark truth is, that today people have so many more chronic health challenges because they no longer look to mother nature for answers, but rather expect quick fixes from doctors and pharmaceuticals. Yet, in written text, reaching back for centuries, from multiple cultures, we have testament that our earth provides all that we need to maintain good health. In Ancient times the most precious commodities were essential oils and plants which were regarded as life’s most valuable possessions. In every culture in the world, herbs, spices and essential oil extracts have played major roles. In fact, even today, the parts of this world that still practice these traditional methods have a far better track record of good health and longevity than the most modern of societies.

Oils like Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Cypress, Cassia, Aloe, Myrtle and many more still hold some of the most important keys to maintaining good health. The gifts of our forefathers are still giving today if we simply take the time to listen. Mesopotamia, the oldest known civilization relied on the plants of this earth and their oil extracts. It wasn’t an accident. Plants give us life and our forefathers and mothers knew that and cherished that knowledge. In China wolfberries, in other cultures apricots, apples and many other fruits are consumed regularly by people who find that living well past 100 is a normal activity. Our forefathers knew that peppermint aided in the digestive process and to relieve muscle discomfort. Lemon oil has been used for centuries as an antiseptic and is a powerful antioxidant. Lavender can relieve sunburn, sooth cuts and bruises. The list of plants and their contributions to our good health is huge. Knowledge about the plants, their benefits and uses were not only known to the general population but was passed on from generation to generation, family to family, as well as through special healers. Plants, from their roots to their blossoms and fruits, give us life. We’ve just been told to look elsewhere. Most of the modern “healers”, aka medical doctors, don’t cure or prevent. They treat. That is what they are taught to do. They always have! The results can be seen everywhere… sickness and disease are on the rise although we pay more than ever for treatment that rarely heals because it addresses the symptoms not the cause.

Huge segments of society no longer take responsibility for their well being but rather expect the state, doctors, and others to take care of them. That in turn results in less than perfect conditions be they managed by the government, by the medical establishment or other entities.

Isn’t it time to take back the reigns, to take responsibility for our own well being and thus control the outcome?

If you wonder how you do that – simple: copy and paste. COPY what those who stay well or get well are doing or have done for centuries. PASTE by doing the same for yourself.

For your financial well being, study what successful people do. Save more, spend less, Make wise moves. Do it!

For your emotional well being, eliminate things that do not serve you and add those that bring you joy, peace and fulfillment. That might include activities, locations and even people. Expect happiness and do what it takes to attract it.

For your physical well being: stop destructive behavior and start doing what is healthful and beneficial to your health. Add more greens to your diet, exercise more, use essential oils and herbs. Remember, prevention is worth a lot more than having to fix it, but even if you have to fix something, do it slowly, naturally and expect great results and you will get them. You didn’t get sick over night, neither did you get fat over night so don’t expect to be well over night.

One thing is for sure, unless YOU take the steps to be in charge of your life including your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well being to get the results that make you happy, it will not happen. If others would want you to be happy, they’d support you in your quest. If your politicians would want you happy, they’d stop meddling in your affairs. If your doctors wanted you to be well, they’d educate you in how to stay well.

Find out how I and many others stay and get well by learning more about natural modalities that put you in charge of your well being. financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.