Take A Fuel Stop: Take A Glass Of Water!

A while back a colleague kept on to me about drinking more water. At first this barrage of advice went in one ear and out of the other. At that time I just hadn’t realised what my modern day lifestyle was doing to my body and my brain. The difference between a well hydrated and a dehydrated body and brain are phenomenal and looking into this further will soon have you reaching for the water bottle to take your next sip. For those of you that are not drinking enough water, I wanted to list a few of the benefits that you would see if you started to increase your fluid intake right now.

1. Increased concentration! I noticed this almost immediately. Within a day or two, the increase in my productivity was through the roof and my business certainly enjoyed that boost! Drinking the right amount of water is vital to get full functionality from your brain. This most important organ is made up of 80% water, this needs to be topped up in order to maintain a good working level. See it as fuel for the brain – just like your car you need to give your brain that regular fill-up too!

2. It can help you shed a few pounds. Drinking water has long been connected with weight loss and this is due to a few reasons. The main one being that it allows your body to properly regulate your hunger. Sometimes those little hunger pangs that we get is actually thirst! So by first of all dealing with that thirst, you can begin to put a lid on that hunger! Increasing your water intake also allows all of your body’s organs to work to full capacity, making it easier to burn fat and digest food. So by adding a few pints (of water!) you could lose a few pounds!

3. It works to boost your energy levels. Unlike caffeine enriched energy drinks, water does all the right things to give you most of the energy that you need. Along with a healthy and varied diet, drinking water can do wonders for your energy levels and can even boost your libido too!

So there you have it, drinking water is not just a lifesaver, but also adds to the quality of life that you lead! If you are going to change your eating and drinking habits then you may want to consult your medical doctor first.