Systems Furniture Solutions for Virtual Offices

Virtual offices, also called shared office space, and executive suites or serviced offices, provide temporary facilities for organizations setting up operations in a new location or space for additional personnel.

“The key word here is ‘temporary,’” says Mark Bassil, co-founder and vice president of MAiSPACE, a Mt. Olive, NJ, based manufacturer of modular office furniture systems. “Companies whose business is leasing temporary office space constantly deal with fluctuating space requirements and overlapping leases for their facilities. To maximize their own ROI they must adapt quickly to tenant needs ranging from single occupancy offices on a short term to facilities accommodating dozens or more personnel for several weeks or months.”

Modular office furniture systems by MAiSPACE provide the optimum solution to maximizing the ROI on virtual offices and executive suites. “Our systems furniture solutions directly address in the most economical way two crucial requirements for these facilities,” Bassil says. “The first is what I call providing flexible privacy or tailoring the space to the number of occupants and the second handing tenants’ voice and data requirements.

Tailored Space

Tenants occupying temporary space want to give their visitors the impression that the facilities are their own. Operators of these facilities accommodate this wish by providing a menu of services that support this impression. Among these signage along with a telephone system that responds to incoming calls by identifying the company or individual occupant by name. But equally important is providing each tenant a private office configuration removed visually and acoustically from other tenants.

“For facility operators, a major expense can be tailoring the space to the needs of the tenant,” Bassil says. “Fixed floor-to-ceiling walls of studs and plasterboard lock in a floor plan that is totally inflexible without costly extensive reconstruction. MAiSPACE floor-to-ceiling movable walls solve this problem for single- or multiple-occupant offices by providing up to a 32 – 35 STC (sound transmission coefficient) rating. . They are attached to floors and ceilings using non-destructive fasteners to assure no damage will occur to carpeting or ceiling tiles and can be moved or reconfigured virtually overnight.”

Single occupancy private offices can be furnished with MAiSPACE freestanding furniture offered in designs combining brushed steel with Coverseal finishes in woodgrains and a variety of colors. The line includes desks with unhanded returns, bridges, corners, modesty panels, hutches and credenzas. Seating, tables and movable files are included in the line.
Larger temporary facilities enclosed by movable walls can be furnished with MAiSPACE open office workstations based on the company’s stackable panel system. “These provide an exciting alternative to the same height, same color cubicle walls characteristic of many leased spaces while supporting not only visual variety but also customization to tasks being performed.” Bassil says. “Cubicles from 6 x 6 feet to virtually any size and walls from 30 inches to 14 feet can be constructed, removed or relocated quickly in order to custom-tailor the space to tenant’s needs.”

Interchangeable panel tiles in more than 18 options in colors, textures, patterns or finishes create harmony, contrast, identify specific functional areas and otherwise create exciting interiors with an aesthetic appeal. Other panel options include paper management, marker board and clear, frosted or patterned glass.

Solving the Data Dilemma

High capacity voice and data services are demanded by organizations leasing temporary quarters. MAiSPACE provides this through the patented plug-and-play voice, data and power cabling system found in its full wall and open office configurations.

Unlike conventional cabling systems where cables are bundled and fished through structural elements MAiSPACE cabling is laid in behind snap off panels or full wall elements. Strategically placed consolidation points enable workstation clusters to be added or removed or relocated across the floor plan as dictated by changing tenant requirements. This is accomplished by plugging or unplugging office clusters from the nearest consolidation point or accessing the horizontal cabling system through telecommunications outlets in raised flooring.

“This system substantially reduces the costs associated to provide, maintain and change local area networks (LANs),” Bassil says. “Indeed, the entire MAiSPACE solution – from office layout to LANs – is designed to be managed by the virtual facility operator’s staff after a minimum of training.”

Low First Cost and Low Lifetime Cost

Because of its new approach to furniture system design, manufacturing and supply chain management, MAiSPACE is able to provide its systems solutions at price points averaging 40% below some of the most well-known names in the contract furniture industry and build out floor plans starting at $12 to $15.00 per square foot installed.

“Over the long term, our superior quality construction and the ease with which furniture and cabling elements can managed provide a very attractive lifetime cost,” Bassil says. “Backing this is our lifetime warranty and guarantee against obsolescence. It is an attractive solution to operators of virtual offices.”