Symptoms Of Acid Reflux

Everyone at some times in their lives experiences digestion trouble. Your body has natural warning signs to let you know that you should give better consideration to what you are putting in your mouth. If you consume too much of the wrong things your body will let you know by punishing you a little so that you will think it over better before you do it again, these are the kinds of acid reflux symptoms you’ll have to experience. Over consuming any kind of liquor can lead to severe punishment like vomiting and a hangover.

Too much liquor is not good for your body and it will let you know this. Too much salt is not good for us and eating too much of it can cause extreme thirst. Many types of foods that are not the best for us health wise can be so very delicious though. Spicy hot links, down at the pub, or hot dogs and oily cheesy pizza at the ball game, are sometimes just too good to pass up and then our bodies will speak to us and let us know that this type of food is not what it likes you to put into it in large amounts.

Heartburn is what it will punish us with and it can be brutal punishment. Heartburn is caused by digestive acid being forced up into our throat, where it causes a severe burning sensation. It can also cause a burning sensation in the upper chest. So heartburn is normal and is a natural function of our body and its digestive system. Under normal circumstances heartburn can be controlled by exercising a little common sense, while we are choosing what to eat.

Slightly problematic heartburn can be controlled with antacid tablets from your local drug store. Acid reflux disease is when something goes wrong and we are experiencing heartburn far too much and for no reason at all. Having acid forced up out of our stomachs is not good for you and can lead to all sorts of related health issues. If you find yourself having to take antacid tablets and dealing with heartburn every day, then the chances are very good that you may be suffering from acid reflux disease.

The good news is that acid reflux disease can be diagnosed and is treatable. The test that is commonly used to diagnose acid reflux disease is called the Bernstein Test. During the Bernstein Test acid is introduced into your stomach through a tube and your bodies reactions to it are observed in a laboratory setting. The acid our stomachs and digestive system uses is hydrochloric acid and it is a very strong acid.

Hydrochloric acid in concentrated form can dissolve a penny in a matter of minutes. So there really is some powerful chemistry going on in our stomachs and when you have acid reflux disease it is nothing to be taken lightly. Acid reflux disease can strike anyone at any age and quite often it is children that suffer from it. The Bernstein Test can be administered on anyone at any age.

The good news is that acid reflux disease has been the focus of research for many years and as a result of this research alot of ground has been gained in the area of treatment. New drugs have been developed that are very effective in treating acid reflux disease. So people who had to suffer and endure in the past can now be treated and live normal pain free lives. So if heartburn is becoming more and more of a problem for you and you find yourself gulping over the counter heartburn remedies maybe it is time to talk to your doctor about acid reflux disease.