Symptom Of Pregnancy

Do you have a desire to be pregnant? Are you already pregnant? Do you want to know more about pregnancy?

Read on to find the answers to these questions and more. It is very easy to confuse symptoms of other illnesses with symptom of pregnancy.

We have given below some of the most common sign of pregnancy. Read them.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy – Common Signs

To begin with, morning sickness is a very common early pregnancy symptom. It is also a very annoying signal for many would-be mothers, who are yet unaware of their pregnant state. The common complaint of vomiting and feeling of nausea usually happens after a month of pregnancy, and slowly ebbs in the later stages of pregnancy. Morning sickness may appear earlier in some cases too.

Missing a period is another symptom of pregnancy, which appears soon after a month of pregnancy. In fact, this is the most important signal, which indicates that you are pregnant. Although, there may be other reasons for missing a period like polycystic ovary syndrome, stress, pills, losing or gaining too much weight, etc. In such cases, you have to search for other sign of pregnancy. Always try to maintain a pregnancy journal to overcome anxiety.

Another symptom of pregnancy is the initial tenderness of the breasts. Then later you will also notice that the breasts get heavy. You get used to this feeling as you progress through your pregnancy. Side by side, you will also notice the darkening of the areola, which is another pregnancy symptom.

Frequent urination may be another symptom of pregnancy. There are two reasons for this condition. The first reason is the reduction in the size of the urinary bladder, due to the growing uterus. The second is the rising level in the hormone progesterone in the body, which gives a feeling of fullness in the bladder.

Constipation and a sour mouth can be two other annoying symptoms of pregnancy. Constipation gives you a bad taste in the mouth and everything you eat tastes insipid as well.

There is a very important thing to understand over here that only a woman can become pregnant. The joys and pains related to pregnancy are borne by the mother alone. Other persons related to the mother, including the father, can only play a supportive role. Therefore, never take this issue lightly. It is the duty of every mother to be assertive and informative. If you are strong-willed, you will do everything which will be the best for the baby. Again, if you are informative, you will purchase the best products from the market. You will also get things done from others in the best interest of your baby as soon as you see the early sign of pregnancy.