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Wooden Outdoor Swings Above $1000

Outdoor swing sets retail at varying prices. Some sell for below $500, while cost a lot more, depending on their features, make, and brand. Sometimes, the warranty factor also adds to the swing set’s value. We will focus on wooden outdoor swings that cost higher than $1000 in this article.

Adventure Playsets Cascade Tire Swing Wooden Swing Set
Average Price: $1400

– A 4 by 6 three position monkey bar
– A tire swing
– A 4 by 4 angled leg design
– 2 belt pre-assembled belt swings
– A trapeze
– A plastic-railed deck ladder

Creative Labs Cascade Wooden Swing Set
Average Price: $1200

– 2 slides
– made of pine
– a 58 by 48 inch play fort
– A 5 meter high rock wall
– two access ladders for the forts
– A sandbox
– A spiral slide
– An 8 meter wave slide
– monkey bars

Larkspur Wooden Gym Play Center & Swing Set
Average Price: $1200

– A 4-meter high entry ladder
– a wave slide
– a spiral slide
– A 4 meter high platform
– A 5 meter high platform
– A monkey bar and swing combo
– 2 bet swings
– a rock climbing wall
– a low sandbox
– a picnic table
– A two-person glider swing

TimberTots Badger Bungalow Swing Set
Average Price: $1200

– two slides
– three swing bays
– a rope net
– monkey bars
– a Rope climber
– A dowel ladder
– An elevated clubhouse

Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Retreat Wooden Gym Play Center & Swing Set
Average Price: $2200

– 60-square-feet worth of play decks (there are three)
– a glider swing
– A rock climbing wall
– a telescope
– a tube slide
– a ten-foot wave slide
– a low sandbox
– A picnic table
– 2 belt swings

There are wooden outdoor swing sets that sell for much lower prices. However, when you compare their features, they are apparently more with the more expensive sets. How you should choose the wooden outdoor swing set you will buy should depend on quality, physical beauty, size, and price. If you can afford it, go for the more high-end ones.

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