Swimsuit Contest Unravels Fashion And Beauty!

You may think that the swimsuit contest is harmless enough, or you may be one of the many who believe the contest profits from the exploitation of women. The fact is that they are a successful way of promoting events. The view put forward by the organizers is that the swimsuit contest offers a perfect opportunity for a person’s physical fitness, poise and posture to be judged.

In America the swimsuit contest is as American as homemade apple pie. Often the swimsuit contest is a stand alone event where contestants are judged solely on their physical appearance. The swimsuit contest is also held as an integral part of the large beauty pageants where contestants are judged in several other areas, each being allocated a separate score.

The critics of the swimsuit contest have always held the view that these events degrade and objectify women. Not only this, they believe that such contests send out the wrong message to all young girls. This is that beauty is by far the single most important asset any female can have.

It is well known that sex sells, so it is understandable that the beautiful bikini clad model is used extensively on promotions. Unfortunately this has had the disastrous effect of sending out incorrect messages to society where worth is now equated with beauty and perfect bodies. It is no wonder that so many of our young are afflicted with either eating or emotional problems.

Unfortunately a lot of controversy remains over the swimsuit contest particularly in our major pageants such as Miss America or Miss Universe. Interestingly the swimsuit contest now only contributes 15% to the contestant’s score in Miss America. Talent and the private interview section of the contest now rates far more on the judge’s scorecard. The swimsuit contest is in fact rated as second lowest to the onstage questions which are only considered to be worth 5% of the total score.

Because of the concern that a number of people have over the relevancy of a swimsuit contest in such pageants, a phone poll was conducted to determine public opinion. A huge 87 percent of people who were phoned voted in favour of retaining this part in these major contests.

There are many reasons why girls choose to enter a swimsuit contest. The prize money may be secondary to the real reason, which is an opportunity to gain public exposure and hopefully launch a professional modelling career. Many international super models gained experience and exposure from swimsuit contests.

It was nearly a century ago that the first swimsuit contest was held. Back then it was called a bathing beauty contest and it was totally shunned by the middle class, who mistakenly believed that all girls were of low morals. It wasn’t until World War II that the swimsuit contest gained a little more respectability when girls were enlisted for the war effort in entertaining the troops and selling American war bonds.