Swimsuit Contest – Beautiful Models And Trendy Swimwear!

The swimsuit contest has never held much intrigue or even curiosity for me. My feelings are that if women want to parade around in their swimsuit and be judged by a panel of judges then this is their prerogative. Even though the swimsuit contest still comes in for a lot of criticism, it has been around for a great number of years, and will no doubt be around for a great deal more.

Many girls see the swimsuit contest as a way of furthering their careers. If they are fortunate enough to catch the right eye, then they could find themselves one step or in some cases many steps closer to a very lucrative career. The fashion, television and film industries are always on the look-out for new talent and major swimsuit contests offer the perfect venue for this type of search.

Life is such that most of us look very average in a swimsuit. There are however, gorgeous girls that look simply stunning in a revealing bikini. For all of us with the bumps and lumps in the wrong places we can only look on and admire, knowing full well that a swimsuit contest is something that we would never in a million years contemplate entering.

The swimsuit contest by its very nature is responsible for many women judging themselves far too harshly. This can lead to feelings of embarrassment, inadequacy and unhappiness. These ‘perfect’ number ten bodies are impossible for most of us to achieve.

Naturally there is always room for improvement in most people’s lives. If viewing a swimsuit contest brings about better eating habits and a commitment to visiting the gym, or even taking an evening walk, then that is an excellent outcome. Swimsuit contests or even pictures of the new season’s swimwear often has the ability to prick the conscience a little and wake us from our winter comfort zone.

The swimsuit contest has proven to be an ideal vehicle for raising money or providing promotional support for a great many organizations. For some charities this may well represent their major fund-raising activity for the year. It is difficult to criticize this, particularly when the judges advocate that girls are judged on their poise and physical fitness as well as their beauty.

Two of the most famous swimsuit contests are those that are held in conjunction with the Miss America and Miss Universe titles. Although they are not the prominent feature that they used to be, the swimsuit section is still regarded very much as a hi-light even though the votes are usually worth less than 20% of the overall count. Conversational skills as well as intelligence are now deemed to be far more important.

Many believe that the swimsuit contest is nothing more than a gross exploitation of women. Regardless, it has proven that it is definitely going to be around for a long time. Most of us can never hope to achieve the slim long-legged looks of these beauties, no matter what food we eat, or plastic surgeon we visit. Hopefully though, we don’t take it too seriously and remember that a person’s worth has nothing to do with the outside wrapping.