Sweet Things To Do For Your Boyfriend: 3 Hot Tips To Sweep Your Boyfriend Off His Feet

Romeo might be universally acknowledged as the king of romance, but that doesn’t mean Juliet can’t give him a run for his money. In my experience, girls are just as sweet as boys, if not sweeter. If you want to find out what sweet things to do for your boyfriend, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve known a lot of women in my lifetime and most of them have stories on how they swept their men off their feet. And unlike most guys I know, these women went beyond the usual flowers and dinner routine.

If you’re dying to know how they did it, read on and discover the various sweet things to do for your boyfriend.

1) Plan A Secret Getaway.

Planning a secret getaway is easier now than it used to be. Today’s technology allows you to simply go online, look up a hotel or resort, and book a reservation without the hassle of actually going there yourself.

Find a place that isn’t too crowded and a place far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city. Then, tell your boyfriend to keep one particular weekend free and ask him to pack certain things he might need for the vacation. Or you can just pack his things yourself! Just don’t forget anything!

Be the one to take care of everything, from the accommodation to the transportation. That way, your man doesn’t have to worry about a thing!

2) Dedicate A Song To Him.

One of the sweet things to do for your boyfriend is to dedicate a song to him. There are a number of ways you can do this.

If you’re confident enough to sing in front of a live audience, why don’t you serenade your man in a karaoke bar? Despite the number of people in the room, he’ll be sure to feel special. If you have the money, why don’t you book a small theater (as well as the services of a pianist or a guitarist) and perform onstage?

3) Send Him Affectionate Post-Its.

This is little-known, but one of the sweet things to do for your boyfriend. Use post-its!

Post-its may not have been originally created to pass around love notes; but there is something so quirky, fun and sweet about them when used correctly.

Use the element of surprise. Before leaving his house, for example, why don’t you stick a post-it with a sweet message right where he can see it? Say his bathroom mirror or his front door? Seeing a post-it or two from you is the perfect way to start his morning right!

There are a lot of sweet things to do for your boyfriend. Let your imagination run wild. After all, who better to think of these things than the person who knows him best?