Surprising her with a Ring

The Benefits of Surprising her with a Ring

When you decide to propose to the woman that you love, chances are certain that you have a significant degree of unanswered questions that you are dying to sort out. These questions are as basic as, “will she say yes?” and as comprehensive as, “How am I going to follow through with the proposal?” One of the most important questions that you will likely ask is, “Will I take her ring shopping, or will I go at it alone?”

The answer to this question will be different for different folks. One guy might know that is future wife desperately wants to select the ring on her own. Another guy might not have a clue. Here are some tips to help you sort out the answer to the age-old question: Do I surprise her with the ring or let her select it?

1. What colors is her jewelry?
This is an easy-to-answer question that can help to narrow down your search results. Some women prefer white gold, while others prefer yellow gold. The difference between the two colors can mean the difference between a future-wife who has matching jewelry and a future wife that has one piece always off. Also, you will want to ensure that she has no gold allergies. In the event that she does, you will have to select a platinum band.

2. What shape does she like?
Diamonds come in a wide variety of shapes – from princess (square) to round and oblique. The shape of an engagement ring is often somewhat important to brides, as it is a matter of personal preference and taste. The shape of the ring is something that you may want to be sure of before making the investment into the ring.

3. How many carats will she want?
Some brides like small engagement rings. Others like large diamonds. Your bride will most likely have a preference, but she may not outwardly tell you because she does not want you to feel obligated to expend lots of cash on her. Therefore, it is important that you ask her friends to investigate the matter. Remember that you can always upgrade the size of the ring to a larger one once you have made the initial purchase.

4. Will she want to be surprised?
Many brides, no matter how in love and particular, enjoy being surprised by their significant others. Therefore, she will not want to know in advance what ring you select. It is important that you know if your future fiancé would rather be surprised or selective before you make your decision.

Purchasing your engagement ring is perhaps the most important decision that you will make in the early stages of your proposal. The engagement ring will be a symbol for your love and commitment and should be something that you are both proud to share together. If you are not sure whether or note she wants to be surprised, then ask either her or her friends. The answer is important.