Surgery For Curing Hyperhidrosis

Are you suffering from hyperhidrosis? Well if you are, I’m sure you would have heard of surgery as one of the treatment methods. In this article, I would like to share with you my research on cure hyperhidrosis surgery methods, and whether or when you should consider surgery as a way to cure hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis surgery exists in many forms, and all of them are costly. The most common form of surgery is probably sweat gland removal. This type of surgery is meant to cure the underarms, and should not be used on the feet or hands. It involves removing the sweat glands around the area where you are sweating excessively. Even though some people have reported to see positive results with it, they do not come without side effects.

Another form of surgery to cure hyperhidrosis is sympathectomy. I would not consider this form of surgery as it involves the nerves near the spinal column in the back of the chest. During surgery, doctors will cut the nerves that are joined to the sweat glands that cause sweating. As a result, the nerves will no longer be able to send signals to your sweat glands.

The other 2 forms of sympathectomy to cure hyperhidrosis are thorax and thoracoscopic sympathectomy. Thorax sympathectomy involves the surgeon cutting open the chest and separating the rib cage to cut the nerves. This form surgery can take a long time to heal and is very painful. Thoracoscopic sympathectomy involves the surgeon cutting small areas under the underarm and putting a small camera into the area, in order to find the nerves that are causing the sweating.

Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy – This is a procedure that involves making small incisions just under the armpit area. The surgeon will insert a tiny camera into the area to find the chain of nerves, where they will then cut open the area and clip the nerve endings. This is a costly procedure that also has its share of possible complications including the possibility of permanent nerve damage.

Surgery for excessive sweating remedies should be the last option. There are many other easier methods in treating sweating problems that you should consider first. If those fail, then look to surgery.