Sure Signs He Likes You: 3 Signs Of Attraction To Look Out For In A Man

How do you know for certain that a guy likes you? A constant subject among girls, this question seems to have no real answer. However, I am here to give you the three sure signs he likes you.

This is a man’s point of view, so I daresay you’ll get the answers you’ve been looking for. What are the sure signs he likes you? Read on!

Sign # 1: He Becomes More Competitive.

Some guys are naturally competitive while others are happy the way they are. However, one thing’s for certain. If a guy likes you enough, he will compete with other guys for your attention.

It looks like duels are not yet ready to become outdated. There might not be any gun slinging action or any jousting competitions, but there are other forms of aggression that lie beneath the surface.

Guys will compete against each other for the first one to get your attention and company. Believe it or not, these things actually happen everyday.

Sign # 2: He Becomes The Epitome Of Chivalry.

One of the sure signs he likes you is when he suddenly becomes more chivalrous. He helps you carry your things. He offers to open the door for you. He pulls out your seat. It doesn’t end there.

He might also be more inclined to give you little gifts, depending on the kind of guy you have in mind. Some of his actions might make you feel a little awkward; but don’t dismiss his actions so readily.

For guys who aren’t normally chivalrous, this is quite a big step. This is them putting themselves out there, so think twice before you respond.

Sign # 3: He Looks At You A Lot.

Every time you stand up, his eyes follow you. Whenever you enter the room, his gaze is automatically upon you. Any explanation for this weird behavior?

Well, guys are very visual creatures. They sometimes can’t help but sneak glances at you every once in a while. There’s no harm in looking; but if you feel uncomfortable with it, perhaps you can take it up with your supervisor. Or you can mention it to your friend; and hopefully, news will reach him and he’ll tone the staring down a little.

Some guys are direct. Others are a little shy about their emotions. But with these sure signs a guy likes you, you’ll be able to determine just what is going on in any guy’s head!