Supraconscious Mind, Use It To Move Forward With Your Life!

Does your mind control you or do you control it?

Have you had the opportunity to really THINK about how our mind impacts our everyday lives?

Often times, we allow our subconscious thoughts (past or present experiences) to paralyze us from moving f-o-r-w-a-r-d with our lives.

If you are wondering what I mean when I say this, think about that dream job you’ve applied for over and over again, or that business you have wanted to start.

You are searching on the internet and you find your dream job again with a different company, or you see that others have started the business you wanted to start, yet you do not intend to apply for that dream job or venture out to start that business because of past or present experiences.

What about the person you met and felt an instant connection with and desired to ask them out, yet doubt/fear of being rejected or a previous relationship not working out keeps you from going there with them.

Moreover, you look at yourself in the mirror and you say I do not like the way I look. Your true desire is to lose weight.

Yet, you have tried to lose weight on numerous occasions and have not reached your goal.

You keep seeing products on TV that say that a particular product will help you lose the weight and keep it off.

Or, you see the person at your office and the person walking down the street that reminds you of the way you desire to look.

But, you keep thinking to yourself, “I will NEVER be able to look like that!”

“I have tried on many occasions and I keep failing to lose the weight or I am not able to keep the weight off!”

Our mind is what holds us back.

Once we are able to identify how our MIND is controlling the way we view our lives, we can then begin to create our life instead of react to life.

We will no longer allow doubt/fear to keep us from MOVING F-O-R-W-A-R-D.

I first heard of the word SUPRACONSCIOUS when reading the book Tomorrow’s God, Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge, by Neale Donald Walsch.

As I read this book I realized that when we are in tune with our SUPRACONSCIOUS Mind we are one with our Higher Self or God.

When we are in tune with ourselves and God, it is much easier to create the life we want.

Our SUPRACONSCIOUS Mind helps us to tap into ourselves or better yet, get real with ourselves in order to know our true desires and to help direct our conscious mind/thoughts with what to do to MOVE F-O-R-W-A-R-D with our intentions/goals.

Spend some time with yourself and your thoughts and see what they are saying to you concerning your life.

As you do this, you will begin to identify the past or present experiences/doubt & fears that have been keeping you from living the type of life you desire.

Tina Owens, Life Impactor, Author, Speaker

Copyright (c) 2007 Tina Owens